Mrs. Maxwell's 2nd Grade

December 15-19

This week!

It's hard to believe this is the last week before break! We have a lot of work and fun planned for the week. On Tuesday afternoon, we will be headed to Hobart Middle School to watch the Jazz Band play. On Thursday afternoon, we will have our holiday party. Mrs. Franco, Mrs. Corbin, and Mrs. Meagher will be planning and running the party. Unfortunately, we can only have 3 parent helpers at each party. On Friday afternoon, Lane's dad has agreed to come lead our class in a short sing along and we will enjoy some classic Christmas tunes.


We will be having a review week. There are no new spelling or vocabulary words, but we will be reviewing concepts in English Language Arts to help strengthen our skills.

Our learning goals for this are:

I can read and comprehend age appropriate fiction and non-fiction.

I can use and identify short and long vowels.

I can identify how many syllables are in a word.

I can put words in ABC order.

I can read grade level material fluently.

In math:

We will start Unit 5. This unit is mostly geometry. We will also be focusing on our mathematical fluency. Please be sure to practice Xtramath or fact cards for a few minutes each day over break!

Our goal is that all students move past addition by mid-January. Many students are already on subtraction and we have one student who is on multiplication!

Our learning goals in math this week are:

I can identify line segments.

I can identify parallel lines.

I can identify quadrangles.

I can add and subtract fluently.