Digital citizenship project

Julian L p.6

Rule #1 Digital Edicate

my rule for Digital Edicate is that you should not be rude on the internet because your future employers might see that and make your chances to get that job slim.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Don't give give your personal information out to any one. some companies just give your information out to other people. those people will send you spam. also you can become a victim of identity theft. and always read the terms and policy.

Rule #3 Soical Networking

when you get a social network dont post any thing your parents and teachers wold not like. so dont post mean or embarrassing post

Rule #4 be careful with strangers

you don't Know who all your friends are on the internet. some adults manipulate kids. if you ever get a message from some one you dont know it is best to ignore it.

Rule #5 cyberbullys

Don't respond to a cyber bully or mean text. Just copy that text and go to your parents and teachers. cyberbullying can be considered harassment.

Rule #6 Plagiarism

plagiarism is bad and if you do it you can get kicked out of college and you might just get an F in the whole class.

Rule #7 copyright

copyright is the act of having control over Art, music, movies, pictures,and etc...

you cannot take someone's picture freely because you have to ask for it.if you do take it without permission you can be sued.

What is digital citizenship and why is it important...

Digital citizenship is all of the above. digital citizenship is a set of rules that will keep everybody safe on the website of on the internet in general. Digital citizenship is important because it will keep you safe online. it is also important because it show you how to have manners on it. also it tells you not to copy right on some one or you'll server the connsiqwensis. Also it shows yo that not every one on the internet is who they say they are. Also it shows you that you can get kicked out of school for plagiarism. that is what digital citizenship is and why it is important.