England vs. the American Colonists

By: Malissa Reik


“ We will destroy every soldier that dare to put his foot on shore…. I look upon them as foreign enemies!” - Samuel Adams.


The Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Townshend Act, Sugar Act, Boycotts and the Daughter of liberty.

The Boston Tea Party.

When Was the Boston Tea Party? and What was it?

The Boston Tea Party was an incident in 1773. When the colonists protested British policies by boarding British ships and throwing their cargoes of tea overboard.

What people where involved in this event?

The Sons of Liberty were an association of men in protest of the British laws. The Sons of Liberty were the association that had came up with the idea of the Boston Tea Party. Not only were the Sons of Liberty involved there were other men as well. A few men had dressed up as Native Americans and boarded the ship and tossed the tea overboard. One of the men was named George Hews (Dressed as a Native).

What Happened After?

The British were furious at the is event. This lead up to the Intolerable act. The Intolerable act where laws of punishment to the Massachusetts colonies.

Some of their laws where...

  • Closed the ports of Boston until the colonies had paid for the tea
  • Banned town meetings
  • Replaced the elected council with an appointed council
  • Increased governor's power
  • Protected British officers accused of crimes in the colonies from being tried by colonists
  • Allowed British officers to house troops at private dwellings

The Parliament had made General Thomas Gage the governor of Massachusetts to enforce the laws.

The Boston Massacre.

What Was it? When was it?

The Boston Massacre was an incident in 1770. The British troops fired on and killed five American colonists.

What People were involved?

Crispus Attucks was a slave from 1770-1703. He was heard to be the son of Native Americans. He had escaped slavery by sea then he joined a group of protesters against the British troops. The British troops had gotten order to shoot the protesters. That is also how Crispus Attucks was killed.

What Happened After?

This had created Tension between the American colonies and the British.

The Townshend Act.

What is That? When was it?

The Townshend act was a law passed by the Parliament. This happened in 1767. The Townshend acts are a type of tax import. They placed tax on lots of items for example, they put tax on...

  • sugar
  • molasses
  • glass
  • paper
  • lead
  • tea

This allowed the British troops to come into people's homes and search for smuggled, illegal, and/or stolen items.

What Key People Were involved in this event.

Samuel Adams had called for British protest. Also the Daughters of Liberty were also involved they had created/made the items that the British had shipped in.

What did this lead to?

This lead to the colonies not buying anything that the British had shipped in. This was a type of protest. Many of the colonists started to make their own items instead of the British having to ship everything that they needed.

The Sugar Act.

What was it? When was it?

This happened in 1765. This act was a placement of tax on sugar and other items. The tax on sugar was to help England, because they were in debt from the French and Indian war.

What major people were involved and what happened after?

Samuel Adams said that the sugar act was illegal and wrong. Also the tax on sugar had made the colonists very angry with the Parliament.

The Boston Boycotts.

When did it happen and what does that mean?

This happened in 1765. This means that the colonists refused to buy the British profits. In refusing to buy their profits from England they started to target the British merchants. The colonists had hoped that this would push the British merchants to influence the Parliament to get rid of the stamp act.

What key people were involved in this event?

Leader William Pitt spoke out against the stamp act. “The Americans have not acted in all thing with prudence and good temper. They have been driven to madness by injustice. Will you punish them for the madness you have caused? My opinion is that the Stamp Act be repealed absolutely, totally, and immediately”.

What happened afterwards.

The colonists will not like this next law called the Declaratory act because they have no say in any of the new laws that the Parliament can make.

Daughters of Liberty.

Who are the Daughters of liberty and what is that?

The daughters of liberty is a group of protesting/association but made of women. They started to sew their own clothing and use American products instead of british goods.The Daughters of Liberty are a group of 92 women.

What people were involved?

Martha Washington was a daughter of liberty leader. Also she was the wife of George Washington. Samuel Adams was the leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty and he stated “We will destroy every soldier that dare to put his foot on shore…. I look upon them as foreign enemies!"

What did this lead to?

This lead to the Boston Massacre.


In conclusion, the American colonies and the British had lots of tension in their relationship. Many of the events that have happened had lead up to a war, a protest, or a fight between England and the American colonies.

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