kepler 22b

Kepler-22b is a planet orbiting in the habitable zone of its sun-like star, Kepler-22, which is located roughly 600 light-years from Earth. With a radius of about 2.4 times that of Earth, astronomers noted after its discovery in 2011 that the planet's temperatures about the same. If the greenhouse effect is the same as well, scientists estimated its surface temperature is a life-friendly 72 degrees Fahrenheit 22 degrees Celsius
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Host: Kepler 22
Host Star Type: Yellow Dwarf - G Type Main Sequence
Host Star Mass: 98% of Sun
Constellation: Cygnus

Distance from Earth: 620 light years
Planets Detected in System: 1

Discovery Date: 5th December 2011
Detection Method: Transit Method
Exoplanet Type: Super Earth

Mass: Around 6 to 14 x Earth depending on composition
Diameter: 2.4 x Earth

Distance from host star: 79 million miles (128 million km)
Orbital Period: 290 days

Atmosphere: Unknown.
Temperature: Unknown, With a similar atmospheric composition to Earth surface temperatures would be around 22C (72F).
Gravity: Unknown, an Earth like composition would result in gravity around 2.4 x Earth.

Possibility of Life: With an Earth like composition and atmosphere it is possible life could exist in its oceans

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