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August 28, 2013

Updated Hostess Rewards Program!

The Nest announced tonight, an update to our already awesome Hostess Rewards Program. Our hostesses can expect to earn even more free product than they already have. With the old program, if you had a hostess with a $700 party, with the current plan she'd earn $125 in free product. With the new updated plan, that hostess would earn $140 in free product! That's amazing!! Please read the update in the backoffice or the email that went out tonight for all the details!

Mini Mania Sweeping the Nation

I hope all of you were able to participate in the Mini Mania this past weekend. For those of you who were able to pick up some mini's at an amazing price, they are on their way, shipping from the Nest starting today!!

The packaging on the Mini Mania Specials are different than your normal locket orders. The mini's will be in their regular locket boxes, no take out boxes or cookies. Why the different packaging? Well, all the specials are being shipped to designers only. Each designer may choose to package these special ways. Yes you may use the original Origami Owl packaging if you choose. If you're using for a booking special, like I am, you may want to dress them up! Tie them to a hostess packet for someone who books a party. Put the lockets and available jewelry bar dates in a little organza bag and add them to a "Booking Bowl" or "Booking Tree". Be creative. This is your promotion and I hope you use it to build your growing business! Take a look at my booking tree below!

Display items and ways to carry your inventory

There's been a lot of questions about display items, what to use and what's the best things to carry your products in as you go from show to show. There's no right answer. Whatever works best for you may not work for another. Remember, the preferred Origami Owl colors are white, teal and grey. So here are some suggestions, things that I use, things that have worked for others:

White trays:

A number of designers use white trays to carry their charms. Some pair them with gem jar inserts. Most people who do outdoor events use the gem trays to protect the charms from theft and the elements. I use my Origami Owl grey charm trays nested in the white trays. You may find the white charm trays at Nile Corp here. I also use the linen insert below them, located here.

Linen busts:

Linen busts are a great way to add some height and to display pre made up lockets. I usually have 4 linen busts at my table. I use one specifically to feature the hostess exclusive. The linen busts are also available at Nile Corp here.


I personally carry 1 bag with 4 white trays, along with two plastic bead cases for chains in a Large Utility Tote. There are many companies that sell Large Utility Totes, some are other Direct Sales companies. Some companies will personalize them. If you do have your bags personalized, just remember you can not use any Origami Owl trademarks on them.

The following is a list of Origami Owl’s current proprietary terms:

• Origami Owl

• Living Lockets

• Hoot Loot

• O2

• Designer

• Jewelry Bar

• Owl always love you

• You tell stories with words…we tell stories with jewelry

• The OWL mascot image

• Tagged

• Every locket tells a story

Text Alerts!

Team Hedwig has our own Text Alert system! Be the first to find out about important updates. Get reminders! Stay on top of your business! Want to join? Here's how:

text: @teamhed

to number: 805-244-8703

Normal text rates apply. Please check with your cell subscriber.

Woo Hoo Wednesday Video!

The password to the call is potter


Training with lynsey jones

Rochelle Britton, my mentor Melissa Ghane's mentor, has made available a 6 week training course, "The Six Weeks to Success." Calls are on Wednesday night. The second one was held today. If you can listen in, I highly suggest it. Great information!!! Here's the details:

August 21, 2013 through Sept 25, 2013

8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST

Conference Call Number: 712-432-3100 X 265674

The series includes six 1 hour calls with a 15 minute Q & A, as needed. The series comes complete with a workbook for each attendee which is customized to Origami Owl and our business.

Click here to download the materials:

Week 1 - Tools for Success (marketing)

Week 2- Booking parties from scratch and booking parties from parties

Week 3- Hostess coaching in 3 easy steps (includes worksheets you can copy and use

Week 4- It's party time-presentation success-games, upselling etc

Week 5- Recruiting and beginning leadership

Week 6- Customer care and time management/organization

Call links:



2014 Convention Registration is now open!!

You don't want to miss out on our next convention July 24-26, 2014. Do you know if you sold just one charm every day for a year, and saved that commission for convention money, you would have $912.50. That would pay for your registration, hotel, food and shopping money!! Click here to register now!