8th Grade Math

With Ms. Johnston - Week of February 8th

In Our Class

Last week students worked hard to learn the most difficult part of this unit! They learned how to write equations from tables and graphs, as well as how to graph a linear equation. This week, students will have more practice on what we covered last week. Students will also be learning how to write the equation of a line given a point and slope and given two points. We will have a quiz this Friday, and we will plan to take our unit test the Thursday we come back from break.

Students will have 4 homework assignments this week, one each night Monday - Thursday.

Students should be in class every day, including quiz/test days. When students miss class they should get notes from the class website and come in for tutoring on Thursday morning at 7:45. This will keep them up to date on what we are learning in class.

Just a reminder...
Students should have their interactive notebook every day in class! We use the interactive notebooks to take notes (so that all notes are in the same place). Students are allowed to use this notebook on their quizzes and tests.

Students have a folder that should stay in the classroom where they can keep any worksheets or assignments we work in on class (also allowed to be used on quizzes and tests).

Important Dates

February 11 - Tutoring at 7:45

February 12 - Linear Equations Quiz 3

Class Website

Our class website is http://sejohnstonmath.weebly.com

I post our class notes on this website!

Remind 101

Remind 101 is a website that allows me to text both parents and students reminders about upcoming quizzes, tests, and important due dates!

If you would like to sign up for text reminders, please text @11511 to 81010.

Ms. Johnston's Contact Information

Always feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments, or concerns!

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