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May 23 - Week 40

Upcoming Events


  • 5/23 - Art Show Reception - KP Auditorium foyer - 6 to 7pm
  • 5/23 - Select Ensemble Concert - 7pm
  • 5/24 - KP DS Meeting at Hall - 1pm
  • 5/25 - CSI - Building
  • 5/26 - 6th grade - Art Muralist @ KP
  • 5/26 - WHEA Recognition Dinner - Eric Fisher and Kathy Shoemaker Recognized
  • 5/26 - KP Singers Pot Luck Dinner - 6 to 8pm
  • 5/27 - KP Bookfair begins
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Building CSI AGENDA --

All staff will be meeting to discuss the grade level transition. The purpose of these meetings is to help improve the transition process by identifying key information in support of colleagues and students for next year. Transition questions to guide your conversation are located here. Please see below for the breakdown of time. Please see Joy with any questions or concerns.

AGENDA -- Locations will be sent on Tuesday

1:45-2:45 or 3:00pm

Core Academic Teams Grades 8-9 (Department Supervisors have already identified room locations)

Core Academic/UA Teams Grades 6-7 (room locations will be sent on Tuesday)


6th Grade Academic and UA Team and all teachers/Staff working with 6th Grade Students-- SEL Rollout Conversation (Meet in Commons)


Core Content Academic Teams

Grade 7-8 --- Transition Conversations by Content Areas (room locations will be sent on Tuesday)

1:45-3:45 -- Special Education, School Counselors and Clinical - Share locations with Joy

Please meet as specialized groups regarding student transitions for next year

Staff Being Recognized @WHEA Recognition Dinner

On Thursday, the WHEA will recognize Kathy Shoemaker for her years of service to KP students and families. Eric Fisher will be recognized as a WHPS Teacher of the Year finalist and it will be there that the TOY is identified. I know that a number of colleagues will be there to celebrate with them but wanted to make sure everyone to knew about the buzz on Thursday.
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The Final Count Down -- Supporting Students

  • Please remember to be in the hallways during transitions starting in the morning to support students' appropriate choices and serve as a deterrent for erroneous choices
  • Please remind students in MA and during classes to be respectful in the hallways of one another and the adults by walking with purpose but not walking over people, especially those with injuries. Of course it is always helpful to remind 6th and 7th graders to refrain from running.

Thank You!

Dear KP Staff and Families,

I cannot believe it has already been two weeks since my favorite event of the year. This year's International Night was even more special than I could have imagined. From the food to the dancing to the music, everyone who attended the event had a part in making it successful. There are so many thank yous that it is hard to know where to begin, but here it goes.... the best International Night Committee anyone could ever ask for, I am forever grateful for your commitment and passion. None of this would be possibly without every one of you! our amazing security guards and our wonderful custodial staff, each year, you offer your time and assistance when I know it means a longer workday for all of you! those who donated (staff and families), thank you so much for your generosity! the KP Ambassadors, you rock! We put you to work, and you all worked so graciously! Ginza, thank you for your donation. Once again, you amazed us and we all loved your food. Please make sure to support their business in Bloomfield by taking a night off and enjoying a meal at their restaurant as they supported us! all of our performers - Sixth Dimension, Rancho Folclorico and Muzak3 - in one word...INCREDIBLE! the KP administration, thank you for coming to the event and supporting the idea of hosting such a large event (it's getting larger each year)!

...last, but definitely not least, to all of the KP families who attended, thank you for your generosity, your spirit, your engagement. It is such a pleasure to celebrate our diversity, but more importantly, to see all of us spend time together. You are the reasons why we do what we do!

We had close to 300 people attend the event this year. I hope it's more next year! We also got some publicity from I am including the link for all to enjoy: Have a wonderful rest of the school year!

In gratitude,

Marisa Tamayo

International Night Committee Co-Chair

TEVAL Reminders

Data for H2 Forms due by May 31st (this may mean it is put inafter the summative conference for some)

Summative Evaluation Conferences must be complete by June 1

All Pending Forms must be signed by June 8

You're a GEM

  • Justin Gusy from colleague Marisa Tamayo for making me feel supported during a challenging time. Thank you Justin!

  • Troy Jones and Eric Fisher from colleague Joy Wright for giving up part of your Sunday to spend it with two CAS Scholars and their families. You didn't have to do, but you did! Thank you for making them feel like the rock stars they are.

Passing of the Rocks

Eina Rieger is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Lauren Pouliot, Brian Jones, Joe Ganci and Doreen Oshinskie for their totally awesome work with our students on Suessical! You all put countless hours into planning and rehearsing for the Suessical show. Your skills, patience and heart allowed students to shine in a very special way for the performances that our KP students, staff, parents and neighbors enjoyed! We are fortunate to have such talented and passionate teachers to share music and theatre to our school and community. Thank you for all you do to allow students to express themselves through music, dance and theatre. Thank you! -Eina

Mike Birnbaum and the cafeteria staff are passing the Wellness Rock to Lauren Atinsky. Lauren consistently displays a fantastic positive and optimistic attitude to both the students and faculty. She never sells the students in her care with the can't do outlook, but with a "yes you can" outlook. As with all other recipients, she shows total commitment to what she does. Thank you.

Alana Cosgrove, Maria Marchese, Deb Newhouse and Jessica Rucci-Koch is passing the Student Success Rock on to Sarah Wexler. Sarah has gone above and beyond to include and support our shared students and ensure their success. Whether it be in her science class or extracurricular activities, she makes it a priority that each child feels part of the KP community. Thank you, Sarah!

End of Year Ideas

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Avoid the biggest Mistake in Ending the Year (2 min)

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