End of Year Update

June 8, 2015

Tomorrow Night

Just a reminder that the 5th Grade Recognition Celebration is tomorrow night. The ceremony starts at 6:30. Your student needs to be in our classroom at 6:15 so grab your seat early and send them up at 6:15! :)

Students are asked to dress nicely for this special occasion. I know they are excited and I look forward to celebrating with them! See you tomorrow night!

Thank YOU

Thank you for sharing your children with me this year! I think it's been a wonderful year- this is a special group of kiddos and we have learned, laughed, read & played throughout our days together. I have been happily challenged by their desire to investigate, design, explore and read more than I could ever plan for a day or unit of study! They kept me on my toes. I know wonderful things are in store as your children move on through their school careers.

Thank you again for all of your support and kind comments this year! Have a safe and happy summer!

Our Last Few Days...

We will wrap up with PODS tomorrow morning and our barter experience with Mrs. Franklin. We have a book to finish reading together and the kids have some more work to do to bring me up to speed with how things work in social media! They did an excellent job explaining the purpose of and how to use hashtags... #don'tsayhashtag

We had a great language arts lesson last week on using # to summarize news stories in Time For Kids magazine. We also wrapped up state reports and identification of states and their capitals.

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