Weekly Tech Update 10/19 to 10/23

No Notifications No Problem, No Dice From Go Guardian, and Turn In vs. Mark As Done

No Notifications From Google Classroom, No Problem

One of the great things about having a growth mindset is the ability to problem-solve. Check out what happens when colleagues collaborate. Jason Reynolds told me about a strategy he uses for his students to reach out for assistance. While sharing his strategy, it got my wheels turning.

Jason Reynolds posts a Google Form in his Google Classroom for his students to reach out for assistance. With the addition of the Form Notification add-on to his Google Form, he now receives an email every time a student has a question. Watch the tutorial below on Form Notifications.

Think about other ways that this could be utilized. Do you have students submitting back work? Make them fill out a Google Form indicating which assignment they are turning in. You will then receive an email so you do not have to sift through all the assignments looking for the students back work. Do you allow students to make corrections? The same concept, have them fill out a form so that you receive a notification email when the student submits.

No Dice From Go Guardian

I reached out to Go Guardian this past week at the request of several colleagues. They would like to be able to access and print a simplified version of the session summary email that they were receiving. Here is part of the reply I received from Go Guardian:

“GoGuardian is not an attendance-taking product and we would therefore not have any feature for displaying a one-page summary of all students and their activity. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes!”

You can print parts and pieces of sessions, but not an entire session. If you want to view your session then you are going to have to scroll left and right through that report. Sorry😟

Turn In vs. Mark As Done

Students will be shown the ‘Turn In’ when the teacher assigns a specific Google file(Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Drawings) to each student. There will also be a Turn In button within the Google file next to the share button.

Students will see the ‘Mark as Done’ option when they are given a collaborative assignment or another assignment that is assigned not using a Google file type.

Kasey Bell has an outstanding Quick Guide to Google Classroom for Students here. Share it with your students in your Google Classrooms.

Casting With Google Meet

This was a big hit last week so I will keep it in here for another week just in case you missed it.


Form Notifications Add-On

Form Notifications Add On

'To Review' in Google Classroom

To Review in Google Classroom

Math Editor in Kahoot! Say What?

Math Editor in Kahoot

Tech Tool(s) of The WEEK


Equatio is an extension from the Chrome Web Store that can easily create equations, formulas, and quizzes in any Google Workspace application. This extension will help you type those pesky fractions and other hard to type mathematical problems. If you have never installed Equatio from the Web Store, you will automatically be granted a 30 day premium trial. Regardless if you have used Equatio before or not, you should head over to texthelp.com and register for a free educator account to unlock the premium features for free!

Classroom Screen

Classroom Screen is a website that provides you with up to 12 widgets to help support your class activities. Some of the widgets that Classroom Screen offers include:

  • Random Name Generator
  • Dice
  • Sound Level Monitoring
  • QR Codes
  • Traffic Light
  • Timer
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Work Symbols
Thanks for sharing this Anne Elyse Foltz 🙂

Go Soap Box

There is nothing better than when leaders model and demonstrate what it means to be a life-long learner, just as our mission statement reads at WCSD!

Mrs. LaBarr recently used and learned about this platform called Go Soap Box and asked us to share it with you. Go Soap Box is a web-based platform that allows students to ask questions, contribute to a group discussion, take quizzes, participate in polls, and more. It's easy to get everyone involved, the students enjoy it, (In Mrs. LaBarr's case, the superintendents enjoyed it), and it's an easy way to implement formative assessment into your lessons.


Cisco IP Phone System

I do not know when the new phone systems will be activated, but I wanted to include the instructions that were sent out via email recently. Just in case you deleted the email or can't find it, you can access the directions and quick start guides here.

Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series Quick Start Guide

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series Quick Start Guide

78XX Watertown CSD Phone Training PDF

88XX Watertown CSD Phone Training PDF

It Isn't Too Late! Join us this week as we talk Teacher Clarity

Hopefully, you have seen the email from the District regarding the upcoming virtual book study that is being offered. The District is conducting a virtual book study for the Distance Learning Playbook. Head on over to Frontline (MLP) and sign up; it isn't too late!

Message from one of the co-authors of The Distance Learning Playbook, Doug Fisher

Doug Fisher Message to Staff

Empower Web Page

Keep checking the Empower web page for upcoming events, links to resources, and access to FAQ's.

Link to Empower Web Page

Origins of 60 With Saint!

During the spring, we tried to breathe some fresh air into the offerings of Empower Hours with nationally known educational personalities. During these sessions, the guests agreed to play a little game at the end of the session called, 60 With Saint! The premise was to ask as many questions to the guest within a 60 second time limit. Nothing too personal, but questions designed so we could all get to know the guest a little bit better.

In case you didn't catch the initial 60 With Saint with Rich Czyz, watch it below. You will notice my very amateur and limited producing skills at the time! However, being a lifelong learner, I have learned how to significantly improve my production skills.

I am dropping this nugget because 60 With Saint maybe making a reappearance in the very near future with all new guests!

60 With Saint Featuring Rich Czyz
Big picture

Let's Talk Tech Integration

Below are the dates and times that I will be in the following buildings exclusively.
Big picture
I will make myself available in the following locations:

HT Wiley: Wiley IMC

Case Middle School: Room 210 (NOTE: On Oct 22nd, I will be in the Case Library)

WHS: Student Help Desk 1st Floor

Would you Mind Sharing?

It seems like it's been a year, but we made it through the first month! I have been fortunate to witness colleagues finding their stride and using strategies and techniques that have helped with the start of this unprecedented school year. However, there are colleagues that could use some ideas on strategies and techniques that could help in their transition to this style of hybrid/remote learning. If you are willing to share, please click on the Google Form below so we can compile some strategies that have been effective for you. Just drop a quick note in the Google Form and I will be in touch. THANK YOU!!!

Feedback Welcomed and Encouraged

Jayson St.Croix

Please contact me so we can collaborate on how to integrate more technology into your lessons.

Archived Editions of 60 With Saint

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60 With Saint Week of Oct 13 to Oct 16

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