Physical vs Chemical Changes

They have a totally different personality

What are Chemical Changes?

A change which is a result to a form to a brand new substance.It consists of breaking the bonds between atoms.An example of a chemical change is rusting,rotting,eating,burning,and cooking.

Chemical changes also involve explosions.They are also very easy to notice.When the form of a substance changes you have seen a chemical change.Another sign is when there is a release or gain by a certain object.Multiple substances gain energy to undergo a chemical change.Energy is absorbed during chemical changes that deal with cooking,an example is like baking a cake.

  • Burning Wood
  • Souring Milk
  • Melting a Spoon
  • Digesting Food

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Amazing chemical reactions!
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What are Physical Changes?

Physical changes is when new substances are not formed.For an example when ice cubes melt it is a physical change because it is still water.

  • Ice Melting
  • Water Boiling
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hot Molten Iron
  • Dissolving Sugar in Water
  • Crumpling a Sheet of Aluminum
  • Melting an Ice Cube
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