Minimum Wage!!

Is 7.25 really enough?

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage differs around the world. Australia is the leader in minimum wage, their minimum wage is $16.88, instead of $7.25 here in the U.S. The U.S is the 7th highest in minimum wage. Sierra Leone is the lowest, their minimum wage is at $0.03. As you can tell from the chart below and what is stated here, minimum wage is not the same around the world, the U.S is very lucky to be getting paid $7.25. People complain about minimum wage in the U.S, and to me it really depends on where you work, how long you have been working there, and how hard you work there. Not all businesses pay minimum wage, some pay a lot more than minimum wage. If people complain about making minimum wage, then they need to find a better job, other than just sitting there doing nothing about it.

Could minimum wage be rising?

As in the article above, it states that Obama has been going around trying to raise minimum wage. Some people would go for this and some people would not go for this. They say that Obama has been leaving out the fact that minimum wage is mainly paid to teenagers and college students but, there are many adults that are only making minimum wage. So to me that statement is invalid. The article states that adults that do get minimum wage are also on food stamps and things like that, but what if the adults earning minimum wage can't get food stamps or something because of something? Then they are stuck earning minimum wage and it would be hard providing for themselves or even families.

Opinion on minimum wage.

I have an opinion about minimum wage, I think that minimum wage should be raised to at least $9.00 because teenagers, college students, and adults that make minimum wage, have a hard time paying for the things that they actually need. Sure they can work more hours but, what if they are working the most hours that they can? Then they wouldn't be able to work anymore hours than they already are. Granted that people can get food stamps and things, but they can't get food stamps if there is something that isn't right on their application. People can fail on their applications for food stamps, state help, and many other things.