"Pooh and the Bee"

Ella Connolly

One day when a little bee was grazing in the flowers. Pooh was also in the field full of flowers hoping, he would spot a little bee. Finally Pooh spoted one, it was very tiny , but it would do the trick! Pooh said," Hi, can I please use some of your honey?". Sadly, the bee said, "NO!". Poor Pooh, but then he spotted another bee it was smaller but, it looked friendly. So Pooh went up to the bee and asked, "Can I hace some of your honey?". The bee said, "Sure I would love to share some of my honey with you!". So Pooh followed the bee to its hive. The bee said, "Do you want to be friends?", Pooh said," Yes of course, your very nice!" Then after that they became the very best of friends. Pooh brought flowers for the bee and the bee brought honey for Pooh, as gifts for eachother.

The End!

The theme or moral was.....

Real Friendship Lasts Forever
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