zombie project

how to survive during a zombie apocalypse

a zombie apocalypse....

maybe one day the ground will start moving, then you see zombies coming out of the ground. How are you suppost to survive? this is a survival guide so get ready for the adventure.

the great plains

the great plains has flat land with wild grass or other plants. There are no trees so the zombies can see you easily see you. It does not have very many resources. The flat lands gradually increase westward. The great plains are east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the interior lowlands. I give the Great Plains a 6 1/2.
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Some Of The Regions

the interior lowlands

the interior lowlands has rolling flat-lands good for farming, rivers, grassy hills. There are many trees to hide in. The hills can help you see if the zombies are coming. The interior lowlands has many resources. The interior lowlands are west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Rocky Mountains. I give the Interior Lowlands a 9 (I think this is the best one!)

the rocky mountains

the Rockies has rugged mountains with high elevations, it contains the continental divide. the Rockies are taller and younger than the Appalachian mountains. You can see everything on the mountains there are not very many trees on the mountains. It is very cold on top of the mountain so you don't want to freeze to death. The Rockies are east of the Basin and range and west of the great plains. I give the Rockies a 5.
Remember! keep safe during the zombie apocalypse and follow my edvice!!!!!