Defined STEM

What is Defined STEM?

Grant Wood AEA is offering schools a new online resource called Defined STEM. Defined STEM weaves curriculum strands into a personalized learning experience, unique for each student. Defined STEM provides real-world relevance and application opportunities to K-12 students through performance and literacy tasks.

GWAEA has purchased licenses for all schools in our service area. The platform supports teachers with implementation of project-based learning experiences by showcasing real-world careers and using meaningful reading and writing activities. It may also link to your district’s goals around project-based learning, STEM education, and blended learning.

Defined STEM Performance Task Highlight

Using the Understanding by Design framework and real-world problems, Defined STEM has tapped into the students' need to see value in their work. This process isn't just for our older students! Take a peek at this kindergarten lesson named: "Pushes and Pulls".

All performance tasks are able to be edited, making it specialized for your class. Take something out or add something in! The designing is in your hands!

Defined STEM Grant Wood Spotlight: Marion Independent School District

Teacher: Lora Kohn

Lora is a 5th grade Science teacher

What does she like about Defined STEM?

"It gives each student a chance to do how much they are capable of doing. I had a group make a 3D model of an aquarium and another group make a drawing model of an aquarium. Everyone can work at their own pace."

Lora has used the 'Structural Engineer: Bridges', 'Aquarium Designer', and 'Backpack Designer' lessons.

Lora's Advice on Getting Started with Defined STEM

    "Take it slowly. I found giving the students questions to think about as they worked very beneficial."

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    • Non-Google schools: Contact us for your access code, then click on 'Use Access Code' and create an account.

    Defined STEM got a facelift! Take a look at the new login window!

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