Harry Houdini

magician,movie star,escape artist,pilot

Harry Houdini was a wonderful man and magician. He would never ever give up.

Early Life

Harry Houdini came to life on March 24th, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary.  His parents named him Erich Weiss.  They immigrated from Hungary to Appleton, Wisconsin U.S.A.

No More Home

At age 12 he ran away from home and got his stage name Harry Houdini from Robert Houdin.  He started selling things so he could get money for his family.


On one of his performances his brother, Theo,  was his assistant.  During the performance Theo messed up and Harry fired him .  He then got a new asistant named Bess; she was really good at helping him.  Later they got married and did tricks all over the world.


Harry was the first pilot to fly across a ranch in Australia.  His flight lasted for about three and a half minutes a 100 ft in the air.  When he got back to the U.S. he spoke to the real Orville Wright.

Movie Star

Harry was in many movies; he is in the hollywood walk of fame. His first movie was called The Master Mystery. It was a serial,meaning it ended in cliffhangers. At the end of every episode Harry would be trapped and something bad was going to happen to him. He tried other movies but they did not sucseed.

A Wonderful Life

Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1926.  It was heartbreaking for many people and most of all his lovely wife Bess.  The reason of the death was that his appendix had been ruptured because someone punched him in the stomach after harry told him to.

What I Learned

I learned a lot about Harry Houdini like how he was a pilot and a movie star. His life was pretty hard for him to escape from things and do tricks exactly right.  One of the things that was inspiring  was that he would never ever give up and that inspired me most of all. One of the most interesting facts I learned was that he installed an oversized bathtub to gain lung capacity.