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Let's make it "STICK" in 2015!

As we reflect over our professional development this month, let's set our focus toward the target that we want our students to hit! What do we want to "stick" with them each day?

Consider the SMART method as a good way for setting up your learning targets.

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achievable or Attainable
R = Relevant to standards
T = Time-bound


The learning target must be specific rather than general: 'I will include a topic sentence in each paragraph' rather than 'I will improve my paragraphing.'


It must be possible to know whether the learning target has been accomplished, so there needs to be some way of measuring this.


The achievement of the learning target must be something the student is capable of attaining. Where the prospect of achievement seems daunting, the learning target can be broken down into a series of steps so that the student has the prospect of experiencing success.


The learning target needs to be significant and relevant to the student's present learning and current standards. If students are left to set learning targets without any guidance, at least initially there is a danger that such targets will be less relevant than if they are set in the context of understanding 'What I know or can do now/ what I still need to know or be able to do/ how I can go about making that improvement'.


Students should specify when they aim to achieve the target. Time-bound learning targets are easier to evaluate and track than those which have no particular time period attached to their achievement.

Student Conferences--In Middle School Grades

Middle School Student-Led Conference

I can't believe it is already January!

Has the phrase "We are so behind in instruction compared to this time last year" exited your mouth yet? Well, it has mine! Each day is packed with its own little surprises...if we could only journal them all...haha! I find myself coming back to the thought that there's just not enough time in the day or the week to complete what I had planned! Through several conversations with my PLC, I have come to the conclusion: If you are paying attention to your students, then don't panic. You will be fine! They should create the beat that we march to anyway. Be encouraged with this 2 minute video from the Teaching Channel... Go with the Flow: Plan and Adjust

Look what is going on at OUR school!

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Earon Sheats

Hartselle Junior High School

7th Grade Math/Instructional Partner