Banksmeadow PS Staff Bulletin

Term 4 Week 7, 16th- 20th November


Monday 16th November

Staff Changes

Ben on LSL till Tuesday

Jorden on Kindergarten for Roxanne

Lina returns in the office


9am Morning Assembly

4.30 Feedback Webinar for interested staff. Please contact Jacqui if participating.

Nicole Ngapoula coming in as a volunteer for the next 2 weeks.

Tuesday 17th November

Welcome back Ben

Jorden on Kindergarten for Roxanne and then Jacqui (SENA testing)

Rema covering teachers at integration meetings and missed RFF

Carol absent


8:15am - LST Meeting

11am-3pm Integration Meetings in Ben's Office-Ben, NIkita, Cheryl, Helene at 12.30 only

3.15pm History Syllabus Session 2 in Tina's room. Roxanne and Peter leading

Wednesday 18th November

Staff Changes

Ben absent at Finance Meeting

Jorden on Kindergarten

Themi on 2JS for Michele

Elisha at school to cover missed RFF


8:15am - Exec Meeting

9-9.30 Students must go to the toilet and then head down to Preschool playground. K-2 should eat something as no break till midday.

10am Helicopter arrives in the playground and then Rescue team talk

10.45 Move back to the Preschool to see helicopter take off

11am Kindergarten, Year 1,Year 2 and K-6W in hall for Beach to Bush Presentation

Band -Teachers informed that timetable will start after lunch, due to helicopter visit

1.50pm Assembly

Thursday 19th November

Staff Changes

Ben absent at Finance Meeting

Jorden on Kindergarten


8:15am - Staff Meeting

9.15am Year 5 Leadership Speeches in hall

Friday 20th November

Staff Changes

No changes as yet.



Mini Fete from 1pm

Reports due to supervisors


Thank you everyone for another smooth Week 2 while Ben has been away.

There are a couple of class award sheets for the Presentation Day not returned on Friday. Please send to me first thing on Monday.

Please bring your History Syllabus to the PL session for Tuesday afternoon.

The timetable I left on the staffroom table for Nicole Ngapoula for Week 7 is missing. The Week 8 one is there and it's up on the board. If you know where it is , please return to me on Monday so I can let her know her schedule. If it is lost, we may need to redo quickly on Monday for her.

Helicopter Visit

Just a reminder that every class must be behind the fence in the Preschool playground no later than 9.45 am on Wednesday morning.

*The students should go to the toilet before coming down.

*Wear no hats but apply sunscreen. Perhaps remind the children the day before to wear some to school. Small particles could fly up in the downwind, so wear your glasses for protection. We will be clearing the playground as much as possible on Monday and Tuesday to avoid this as much as we can.

*Remind kids about the $2 gold coin donation

*K-2 should eat something between 9-9.30 as I don't think there will be much chance for a break until after the presentation in the hall.

*Lunch time duty may need to be adjusted on Wednesday as K-2 teachers will be in the hall between 11 and 12. If this involves your duty, please inform the other staff involved.

Remember only half the students will be outside, so only one teacher may only be needed and the supervised area reduced for the duty.

* I will be the contact person for the pilot on the day. If they get an urgent job or the weather turns bad, the visit will be postponed. Safety cones will be put around the helicopter as a safety barrier. As soon as the helicopter has come to a complete stop, the pilot will indicate to move closer to the helicopter.

At the end, all classes move back to the Preschool playground to watch it take off.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thank you again for your support.