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Sessions Offered for Differentiated PD

Automatic, systematic, it's hydromatic"... Why, It's Screencast-o-matic!

Presented by Nicole DeGuzman

Come learn about the ever-useful Screencast-o-matic. Hint: Its tools go way beyond "just screencasting"! This session provides a brief tour and examples, as well as discussion of the differences between the free and pro versions. Bonus: candy goes to whoever identifies the allusion in the session title (caveat, you gotta come say hi and get it from me!).

Creating Easy, Engaging Design with Canva

Presented by Carly Finkel

Looking to add some visually engaging elements to your lessons? Want to start incorporating infographics into your course but don't know where to start? In this presentation, we will look at Canva - an easy to use design platform that will allow you to take your lessons to the next level.

Did They Actually Watch My Presentation?: Using Zaption to assess, engage, and (hopefully) ensure that they are watching your videos

Presented by Mike Marolla

Zaption allows you to insert questions, comments, notes, and polls directly into videos. This tool could break up longer videos and keep students engaged the whole time. It is easy to use and could really make life easier in the world of assessments. Best feature: It gathers the analytics and organizes it into one neat page for teachers. What the student answered for every question. How long they actually viewed the video. How many times they skipped ahead/went back. All things that could be good to know when thinking about how we create presentations.

Doctopus for GoogleDrive: The "add-on" that doesn't add more work!

Presented by Amanda Richardson

With the recent addition of Google Drive to our lot of Web 2.0 tools, many teachers may be asking, "Now what can I do with it?" Well look no further! During this quick presentation, we will introduce and discuss the Google Drive Add-On, "Doctopus." With this add-on, teachers are able to mass copy templates, monitor student progress, differentiate instruction, provide feedback, and facilitate collaboration in their course! Docutopus is a complex (yet simple to use) program that will help facilitate Google Drive usage in your classroom, while also helping improve your daily workflow.

Easy Engagement with Voice Thread

Presented by Heather Humbert

Session covers various ways to present information to students and ways that students can use the comment tools to engage with each other and with content. Examples will be shared! Desserts will be served! Free Puppies!

Editing Video With iMovie

Presented by Dan Morrow - contact him for more info!

Want to make an engaging video for students? I'll present some tips on creating and editing a video with iMovie.

Gamification with Kahoot - Time to Put Your Gameface On!

Presented by Brittany King

In this short presentation, we will learn how to turn our ordinary, boring (sorry) quizzes into an exciting, gameshow-like quiz where the students earn points for each question they get right. The less time it takes them to answer the question correctly, the more points they receive! This is gamification made simple and it's applicable to ALL content areas. I hope to see you there! Side note: I recommend for those who attend to have a mobile device handy.

Garageband - Creating Your Own Music and More

Presented by Dan Morrow

Want some background music for a video you made? Want to create a voice recording quick and easy? I'll share some basic tips for working with Garageband.

Online Portfolios - Creating a Virtual Gallery with Wordpress!

Presented by Michelle O'Hanlon

Wordpress is a great way to create online galleries (especially for art), but also can be used to store important images. I've been using this to store all the student portfolios in the middle school art classes. It's just an easy tool to use. You can drag and drop as many images as you want. There are many different theme appearances that you can choose from to make your Wordpress more interesting. You have to ability to make your blog public, so that students can comment on images and communicate frequently through the site.

Quizzes That Require More Than Just Picking a Bubble

Presented by KC Lancenese

Do you shy away from using the drag and drop question type because you don't remember how or don't know when or why to use it? This session is for you. I will show you have to quickly create both drag and drop into text and drag and drop into image type questions that will get your students activively moving their answers into place rather than just clicking bubbles.

Quizzing, Camtasia & You: A deep 10 minute look at the way we can incorporate quizzes into our lessons without relying on outside video sites or sources. Or how to be the Boss over iBoss.

Presented by Brian Hansley

We put videos in our lessons and are trying to be mindful of the length but also are left with the question of "Did the students understand what I just told them?" In this short session, we will look at the Quizzing feature in Camtasia and how we can set up quiz breaks to ensure that our students are gettting the material broken up, understanding the material, and the score reports we receive.

Redefine and Remix Your App-tivities

Presented by Courtney Kofeldt

We will discuss ways you can redefine your assessments with Web 2.0 tools that students can use to create new and innovative products. We will look at 4 tools specifically and how they can be implemented for easy student use!

Using Mind Mapping to Introduce/Teach Vocabulary

Presented by Justin Leigh

Teaching vocabulary to students is one of the most important aspects of learning and understanding in every content area. Whether you are teaching content-specific words, or new vocabulary within a particular unit, vocabulary is essential for students to understand the material. Mind mapping is a great way for students to make connections to vocabulary and to visually see how words break down. is a great (and free) mind mapping tool to help show definitions, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

Working with Moodle's WYSIWYG Using iframes

Presented by Jay McLead

Feeling frustrated with the Moodle WYSIWYG? Tired of the design constraints the WYSIWIG imposes upon you. Well learn how to use an iframe to open a portal in your Moodle pages to anything you want; or at least anything you can get past the iboss filter.