World War ll 1939 - 1940

Who were commanders during world war ll

Well it was a pretty even fight each teams had at least 3 commanders and as you know world war ll was Nazi's so on the AXIS (the bad guys) was Adolf Hitler, Hirohito, and Benito Mussolini and on ALLIES (the good guys) was Joesph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Chiang Kia-shek and between them there was an all out war.

Who won world war ll?

Thankfully the bad guys lost and good guys won BUT Franklin Roosevelt died during the war April 23, 1945 and that is 7 days before Adolf Hitler died and Hitler died April 30, 1945

What started world war ll?

It all started when Japanese militarism and Chinese invasions in the 1930's and especially the politically takeover in 1933 Hitler's and his aggressive foreign party of Nazi soldiers.

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