Third Estate Speaks Out!

Publication Date: 1793

National Assembly? (June 17,1789)

We will no longer stand to be treated this way. We do not have the same rights as the other estates.Since the king and the other estates acquiesce our request, we are now on our own, know as the National Assembly. We are in control of taxation.

Daily Word From The People

Estates General (1789)

I'm an actor. In the recent meeting my estates vote was override by the clergy and Nobility. Its not fair that they can override our vote but we can't. We area the people! We should also have the right to veto votes.

Force To Be Reckoned With (1789)

Being locked out of the meeting hall is not going to stop us. Little did most know that we went to a tennis court in Paris and took an oath of loyalty to a new national constitution. Louis XVI tried to scare us away but soon notices that we are here! The upheaval was noticed by Parisians also. Riots have spread all over because of mistreatment to commoners.

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