ariana ortega 7th period

Physical description of Sodapop

Sodapop is sixteen almost seventeen. He is very handsome looking and he is skinny. Sodapop has brown with a little bit of gold type of hair. His hair is long as well. He has dark brown eyes. The picture below is what Sodapop looks like. This picture is from
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What are they like?

Sodapop acts cool but he is very caring. He is very caring about his brother Ponyboy. Sodapop dropped out of school and doesn't really ever read. He is very good at seeing and feeling and understanding peoples feelings.

What do they like to do?

Sodapop likes to dance or go to drag races. He works at a Gas station.

What are their most prized possessions?

He likes his little brother a lot. And cares about him. That is his most prized possession.

What is their relationship in the greasers?

Sodapop is the really cool one in the group. He also is the very caring and understanding one in their gang. He hasn't really had that big of an education either he's not the very smart one in the group.