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Simple Simon

Simple Simon met his friend the Pieman at noon going to the big state fair. Simple Simon says to the Pieman, "Let me taste some of those yummy pies."

The Pieman says to Simple Simon, "First you show me your money."

Simple Simon says to the Pieman, "Indeed I have not any."

So Simple Simon went fishing because he was hungry. He wanted to catch a whale, but all the water he had got was in his mother's pail.


There are so many facts about track and field. One thing you should know about track is you have to be competitive and you HAVE to pace yourself, otherwise something might happen. You might pass out or fall and hurt yourself. Some of the different events in track and field are: in the sprints there are the 100m and the 200m. In the middle distances there are the 400m and the 800m. In the distance there are 1600m and the 3200m. In the relays there are the 4x100, 4x200, and the 4x800. In the jumping events there are the Long-jump, High-jump, Triple-jump, and Pole-vault. In the throwing events, there are Shotput, Javelin, and Discus.

There are many track records that have been set over the year. The fastest time recorded in the men’s 400m dash with a time of 43.18 from Michael Johnson. He is from the U.S.A. and he did this on Aug. 26, 1999.

The fastest time recorded in the men’s 100m dash with a time of 9.58 was from Usain Bolt. He is from Jamaica. The fastest man’s time ever recorded for the mile was on May 6,1954, from a man named Roger Bannister. He ran a 3:59.4 minute run!! On June 21, 1954, Australia's John Landy finished at a time of 3:58.0 and made the record. The fastest women’s time ever recorded for the mile was on May 29,1954, from a woman named Diane Leather. She ran a 4:59.6. In the year 1955, she had lowered her time to 4:45. Marise Chamberlain of New Zealand broke Leather’s time in 1962, running at the time of 4:41.4.

Forrest Gump

If you like a mix of romance, sad and happy you might love this movie. It’s called Forrest Gump. At the beginning, Forrest's mom is scared to take him to school because she thinks he will get made fun of because of his braces on his legs, but that soon changes when he meets his new friend Jenny, a girl. Forrest and Jenny played all the time and they were best friends all the way up to high school. Then in college, Jenny goes to school where only girls can go to and gets kicked out for letting a boy in. Jenny runs away and Forrest doesn't see her for a long time. Forrest's mom gets sick after he comes back from the Army, and she dies. Forrest takes over the house and one night he goes for a long run that takes him 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. Jenny gives Forrest the address to her house and when he gets there he sees a charming little boy that's Jenny’s and she tells him that his name is Forrest too, after his father's name. Forrest Gump is the dad and is so surprised and happy, he goes and talks to him. Then Jenny asks Forrest Gump if they can get married now, and he says yes. Jenny ends up getting sick and she dies. Forrest takes care of the boy and takes him to school and he loves him. And that’s the end.

Subway Surfers

I enjoy playing Subway Surfers because you get to pick out your character. As that character is running, there is a different guy that will be chasing you in crazy outfits and his dog would be all dressed up to. In the game, the goal is to just run from him and don’t get caught. You also want to collect coins. The more coins you collect, the more characters you can buy and charms that make you go fast or just help you collect coins like the magnet. You can also run for so long and make a record. You can collect keys, and those keys can help you out. So let's say you have been running for 1345 feet and all of a sudden you run into a moving train. Those keys can help you have another life and you can continue on your record and try to beat it. I like this game because I enjoy beating my record and collecting keys and coins. I like to play with different characters too.
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