Carrie Nation

Famous Missouian, Women Leader & Activist By: Kelly S.

Carrie Nation

Carrie Amelia Nation was born on November 25, 1846 and died on June 2,1911 at age 64. She helped make the 18th and 19th admendment. She helped wives and mothers of drunkerds.

Carrie's Legacy

Carrie's life

Carrie was married two times and had one baby girl. After marrying Charles Gloyd Carrie thought it was a good thing to help mothers and wives of drunkards since Charles was one. When she remarried Carrie desided to try to close down the bars. When she tryed she used violent and ended up in jail many times. Carrie wrote a autobiography and with all the money she made she was able to open a home for the wives and mothers of drunkards. Carrie also help make the 18th and 19th admendment. The 18th admendment says that it's prohibited the sale of alchool. The 19th admendment says that women are alowed to vote.