Rain Forest

By: Cari & Taylor

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Natural Resources

Unique Characteristics of Tropical Rainforest

  1. Tempature Range: 70-80° F.
  2. Anual Precipitation: 80- 400 in. (Can get up to 2 inches in 1 hour!)
  3. Latitude Range: 23.5° N. and 23.5°S.
  4. Seasons: Spring and Summer year round



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Where you can find Rainforests



New Zeland

Threats/ Dangers

  • The main threats for the Tropical Rainforest are people. They cut down trees all the time and every minute 30 acres of trees are cut down. We can stop this by replanting the trees we cut down so we aren't completely ruining the habitat.
  • The other threat to the rainforest is drouts. The rainforest plants and animals need water and cannot suvive with out it. We can fix this by trying to use less water that is near the Rainforests.



Facts about the Tropical Rainforest

  • Every second the length of a football feild in trees is being cut down by humans.
  • 1 out of every 4 mdicanes are made mostly out of plants fromthe rainforests.
  • Giant bamboo plants that live here grow up to 9 in. a day!