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August 21, 2023

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Looking Ahead...

August 29 - Parent Orientation & Title I Night (see flyer below)

September 4 - Student & Staff Holiday

September 5 - No School / Professional Development Day for Teachers

September 11-15 - Book Fair

September 12 - Reading Under the Stars

September 13 - Books & Cookies with GRANDS

September 18-22 - Homecoming Week

September 18-22 - Start with Hello Week

September 22 - SMART Smiles Screener Day

September 25 - No School / Professional Development Day for Teachers

September 26 - Fall Individual Pictures

Morning Drop Off

We encourage all parents to utilize the drop-off line for morning arrival starting this week!

We recognize that separating from parents can be very challenging for some of our younger students. In order to help minimize prolonged separations, please be sure to give hugs and kisses BEFORE drop-off time! Help us make drop-offs brief!

Parents who enter the building during morning arrival time will need to check-in at the office with ID.

Remember, visitors are not allowed in the cafeteria for breakfast.

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Leader of the Pack

We love CHARACTER, and we love opportunities to celebrate it! We’ve only been in school three days, and we already have a “Leader of the Pack” recipient! This sweet student “noticed that a student had been waiting to swing, but there weren’t any swings open. She got off her swing so the other student could have a turn.” Way to show kindness and way to be a positive influence to other children in our school. Imagine a world where this type of kindness was the norm!
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Morning Arrival Routines

  • SGE doors open at 7:15am.
  • Stay in your car! The teachers on duty will assist with the unloading of your student. If you prefer to unload your child, please park in a parking spot and walk your child up to the doors.
  • Walk-ups! If you park on a nearby street and walk your child up to the campus, please do not block any driveways. Our school neighbors appreciate your cooperation! To ensure your child arrives to the campus safely, please walk your student up to the campus rather than sending him/her to walk alone. The back doors on campus are for bus riders. The front doors are for car riders and walkers.
  • Students who would like to eat breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria. (It is important to remind your student of this morning procedure.) As students finish their breakfast, they will join their class in its hallway holding area.
  • Students who have already eaten breakfast prior to arriving at school will report directly to their hallway holding area.
  • School begins with the first bell at 7:40.
  • Students planning to eat breakfast at school should arrive by 7:30am.
  • Visitors are not able to join our students for breakfast.

Visiting for Lunch

  • All lunch visitors MUST check-in through the front office and receive a visitor's badge. Please have your photo ID available and wear your printed visitor badge where it is visible for all staff. Any visitor NOT wearing a badge sticker will be asked to check-in at the front office. The badge authorizes access to the cafeteria ONLY. Lunch visitors are not allowed access to the classroom/playground/etc when visiting for lunch.
  • Lunch visitors MUST be listed in Student Skyward access. Visitors coming for lunch with our Bulldogs must be listed in Skyward as a family member or contact to be allowed to eat with a student.
  • Lunch visitors must sit at designated tables during lunch time.
  • Students with lunch visitors may not invite classmates/friends to sit at the visitors' table.
  • Any outside lunch brought to enjoy with your student may not be shared with other students at any time due to state nutrition guidelines and requirements.
  • Due to supply issues, any lunch visitor must provide his/her own lunch. Visitor meals can not be purchased through our cafeteria at this time.

The School-Parent Compact

As a campus receiving Title I funds, we are required to develop a school-parent compact. "The compact serves as a clear reminder of all stakeholders’ responsibility to take action at school and at home so that children can attain the state’s academic achievement standards. It is a written commitment indicating how all members of a school community – parents, teachers, principals, students, and concerned community members – agree to share responsibility for improved student achievement. The underlying assumption is that a student’s academic success will improve when the home and school work together." (

Our compact was developed in collaboration with stakeholders and currently reads:

As a school, we will:

  • Provide a high-quality effective learning environment that is safe and that enables the student to meet the state’s student academic achievement standards

  • Provide ongoing two-way communication between teachers and parents through parent-teacher-student conferences with frequent reports to parents

  • Provide reasonable access to staff through an “open door” policy

  • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in their child’s school activities

  • Provide a mutually respectful relationship between all parties (students, parents, teachers, and volunteers)

As a parent, I will:

  • Support my child’s learning by ensuring that he/she has proper rest and nutrition and attends school on time and on a regular basis

  • Support my child’s learning by reading with him/her at least Monday through Thursday nights

  • Help set a positive tone for learning with my child

  • Participate in decisions relating to the education of my child through a mutually respectful relationship with school staff

  • Provide a mutually respectful relationship between all parties (students, parents, teachers, and volunteers)

  • Support my child’s class/school (i.e. communicating with my child’s teachers, helping in class/school, attending school events when possible, etc.)

If you have ideas to contribute to this compact, we want to hear your thoughts! Please email your suggestions to

BCISD Transportation Department and Information

Click this link to view transportation contact information, bus service registration, and an FAQ regarding bus transportation.

In case you missed it last week... the information below is a repeat of important beginning-of-the-year information!

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Car Line Dismissal Procedures at SGE

Please see the traffic flow map above.

Form one, single-file line on CR 200. Once off of CR 200, you may merge to either the PK/Kinder lane (yellow arrows) or the 1st/2nd grade lane (blue arrows).

If accessing the parking lot, drive past the cones and enter the driveway via the fire lane (red arrows).

Make sure to be in the correct grade level line during dismissal. Parents of pre-k and kindergarten students should enter the lane that is on the far right (yellow arrows). Parents of 1st and 2nd graders should enter the middle lane (blue arrows). If you have a student in PK/K and a student in 1st/2nd, they will all load in the PK/K lane.

Please do not cross the grey box until after 3:15pm. SGE uses a system called CarRiderPro. CarRiderPro is a safe and efficient way to streamline the dismissal of car riding students at the end of the school day. Students are issued a tag for their car. Similar to the way a TxTag is scanned as it passes under a card reader, CarRiderPro scans the car tags as they pull through the line which then cues students inside the building to line up. The card reader starts reading car tags at 3:15.

Hang your car tag on the rearview mirror with the numbers facing out so personnel can read it.

Car seats - If your child is in a car seat, please position the seat nearest the sidewalk-side of your car (back seat, passenger side). If your student needs help buckling during dismissal, please pull up beyond the car lines to assist as to avoid holding up the line.

Stay in your car. The teachers on duty will assist with the loading of your student.

Watch for the person directing traffic. The person directing traffic will send cars from each lane and will alternate between lanes.

Stay in your car and in the car line. Even if you forgot your car tag, stay in line and we will come to you to check your ID. If your child has loaded the car, please stay in the car line and wait for the wave of cars to pull forward rather than pulling around them.

Safety first! Please do not allow your child to hang outside of the car windows or sunroof while traveling through the car line.

***No in-person pick-up after 3:00pm until the car line is finished. As we work to dismiss our students in a timely and orderly fashion, we must keep the front entry/exit doors uncrowded. As a result, parents needing to check their students out must do so before 3:00pm or after the car line is finished. This is a matter of safety as we work to dismiss a school full of elementary children.

How do I request a change in transportation?

Submit an email on the same day as the transportation change request by 1:30 p.m. to

Include the following details in the email:

  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s grade level
  • Student’s homeroom teacher
  • The transportation change you want made for today (bus rider to car rider or car rider to bus rider)

Requests made after 1:30pm will not be processed. Notes, phone calls, text messages and emails sent to any other email will not be processed.

Calling all Watch D.O.G.S.!!!

The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program provides positive male role models for the students on campus, demonstrating by their presence that education is important!

If you know of any Dads that might be interested in participating in the Watch D.O.G.S of SGE, let them know that sign-up sheets will be available on the evening of Meet the Teacher.

2023-2024 Student Dress Code

**The two most frequently seen at the elementary level are non-naturally occurring hair colors and mohawks. Avoid mohawks and be sure that fun summer color washes out before returning to school.

  • Dresses, skirts, all split garments, and shorts must be long enough to maintain dignity while sitting, bending, and standing. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and skorts must be hemmed.
  • Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the natural waist of the student.
  • Knives are not allowed at school or school functions, therefore the wearing of any type of case designed to hold a knife is not permitted as well.

Examples of inappropriate, unapproved dress and grooming include, but are not limited to:

  • Hats, caps, beanies, bandanas, sweatshirt hoods, etc. that are worn in the building unless associated with a specific school event.
  • Tops with low-cut necklines, or tops with low-cut arm openings as determined by school administration.
  • Clothing that exposes bare midriffs.
  • Any form of exposure of undergarments.
  • Any body piercing jewelry with the exception of appropriately-sized earrings or nostril studs. Excessively large earrings and/or gauges are considered a safety hazard.
  • Chains (i.e. wallet chains, dog collars, excessively long belts, etc.).
  • Intentionally torn clothing or holes in clothing that is determined to be inappropriate by the school administrator. Any holes in pants above the midthigh are not permitted.
  • Excessive or distracting makeup, hair style or hair color: i.e., hair color must be of a naturally occurring color in the human genome. Other hair colors such as purple, green, pink, etc. are a violation of the dress code.
  • Obscene or offensive language or symbols, provocative pictures, advertising of tobacco, alcohol or narcotics on clothing, jewelry, or exposed body parts.
  • Racially related symbols, emblems, pictures, words, slogans or tattoos.
  • Symbols, words, or slogans cut into hair that are obscene, racially related, provocative, or otherwise deemed inappropriate.
  • Excessively loose or baggy clothing is considered a safety hazard, and is not permitted.
  • Dark glasses (unless prescribed by a physician).
  • See-through clothing, or provocative clothing.
  • Any accessory or clothing article deemed gang related as determined by the school administration or designee.
  • Mohawks.
  • Burnet CISD discourages the wearing of expensive jewelry and other apparel and is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

News & Notes from the PTO!

Click here for helpful links shared by the Shady Grove PTO!

Shady Grove Elementary School

7:15am Office Opens

7:15am Student Drop Off/Breakfast

7:40am School Begins

7:45am Tardy Bell

9:00am Students not in attendance are marked absent

1:30pm Transportation changes due, please email:

3:20pm Student Dismissal

4:00pm Office/School Closes