kelci hensley

all about me

meet me

hi, i am kelci and my family members are sharon, frank, dani, david, chris, and raps plus i like to play soccer. i am also involved in the science fair, and i am doing soccer in the summer. also, i am in crossview camp for the summer as well, which is a cristion camp.

what does it mean to be a leader in my own words

i believe that people who is a leader is a person who respects people for who they are. also, they are caring and loving. plus, they make peoples day and is who everyone would follow in the future to death.

famous influential leaders in my life

colleen houck was born in az. on oct. 3, 1969 and she is an arthur. her most famous book or series is the tiger crust. also, she loves tiger and reading or wrighting.

talor swift

talor swift is one of my fravite pop singer that i licen to and was born in dec. 13, 1989. talor alison swift was born in penn. and fravate zodiac sign is sagittarius.

gwen safani

gwen is also my fraviate singer as well and born oct. 3 1969. she was also born in calafiona and is on the vocie as a person who compect against the other famous singers.
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my leaders in my life that is not famous

mrs. hillstorm is one of my leaders in my life because she is someone i can trust and she teaches me things and all the things i enjoys.


dani is my sis and she cares about me and how i feel. plus, she makes me laugh.


david is my brother although he is far away from lubbock he still helps me in life.


short term goal...

do my chores without told

read more

do better in soccer

long term goal...

get long hair

make the swimming test,100%

climb the rock wall again and make it to top