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We work together to empower students to be 21st century leaders.

November 1, 2019

Principal Message

Our students have been preparing several music selections for our Veteran’s Day Program that will be held on November 8th at 9 am. Please remember that carpooling is recommended due to limited parking. We look forward to seeing everyone and honoring our veterans. We will have reserved seating for our Veterans.

We would also like to remind parents that our Thanksgiving Break will begin on November 25th. Students and staff will return on December 2nd. Have a safe and happy holiday.

A Note from the Nurse....Mrs. Compton

The clinic is in need of both boys and girls winter clothes, pants especially. Gently used clothing that meet the school dress code are appreciated. Clothing can be dropped off at the clinic.

A gentle reminder that all medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult and will be secured in the clinic. For the safety and protection of all students, medication will not be sent home with students. Students will not be allowed to carry medications, cough drops, chapstick etc.

From the Library....Mrs. Jones

Book Fair

The fair was a huge success! Thank you for supporting the Library by purchasing books for your children from the book fair. The profits from the fair will be used for future author visits and additional books for the library.

Also, thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the bookfair possible.

Name That Book

All students 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade students will be participating in the NAME THAT BOOK PROGRAM by reading the fabulous books. The mission of the Name That Book (NTB) Program is to foster a life-long love of reading in all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. A list of books that encompasses a wide variety of genres has been provided, and students are encouraged to read as many as possible. The 100 books are chosen by CFISD librarians and are available at our library.

This program culminates annually with a series of contests to celebrate the students’ comprehensive knowledge of the books. Students participate at the team level by reading at least 6 books from the list. In November, teams will be formed within their grade levels.

Name that Book link:

Upcoming Author Visit

Angela Cervantes, author of Me, Frida, and the Peacock Ring will visit 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders on December 10. To learn more about this amazing author go the following link .

Spelling Bee

Study list were sent out to students and the classroom tests are taking place in the classroom. Qualifiers will be notified by November 8 in order to prepare for the School Spelling Bee on December 9.


Our students showed their ROARing behavior this month! When they were caught routinely showing ROARing behavior, they received a pumpkin to add to the pumpkin patch and earned a $5 Tiger Buck. When you come in for your parent conference, look for your child's grade level pumpkin patch to see all the great behavior!

From the Counselor....Mrs. Salazar


This month we are focusing on the the word honor. The definition for honor is letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. November is a perfect time to discuss and honor others with Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving, both focusing on appreciation. Please take time to discuss people in your family's lives that you honor. How will your family let them know how valuable they are to you?

Gifted and Talented Information

The school counselor will be accepting nominations for Gifted and Talented testing for kindergarten through 5th grade beginning October 1st through November 30th. You can find the program overview and parent information on the district website. Parent teacher conference is a great time to discuss the appropriateness with your child's teacher. The parent survey/permission to test survey will be available at the front desk during the nomination period or contact the school counselor. Please note, November 30th is the Saturday after Thanksgiving break. So, please request and turn in prior to the holiday break.


Students in grades K-5 will have four opportunities during the school year to use “credit-by-exam” to accelerate to another grade level. Students will only have one opportunity to test for each grade level considered.

To apply to take the test to skip kindergarten, a student must be 5 by September 1, and registered in a CFISD school. To apply to take the test to skip grade 1, a student must be 6 by September 1, and enrolled in a CFISD school.

Students who earn scores of 80% or better on each component of the credit-by-exam will qualify to advance one grade. Only one grade level may be “skipped” each year. No retests will be given.

If you are interested in getting more information about credit-by-exam, please contact the school counselor.

November Core Value- Honor

Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are

Grade Level News


We appreciate all of Pre-K parents for sending the apples. Our little one have had a great time this month investigated the apple and look forward to our work with pumpkins next month! We will continue our work of becoming more independent and responsible. In language art, we are continuing to learn the letters and sounds also learning how to write ours names. In reading, we will be learning how to read print from left to right and top to bottom. We are learning beginning comprehension such as answering questions and participating in shared reading. In writing, we are learning that letters can represent ideas. In math, we have been working on counting 10 objects correctly, recognize up to 5 objects instantly and continuing to review shapes and patterns. Thank you so much for your continued support at home!


We had so much fun participating in our Adventure Dash, thank you for coming to see us! We are looking forward to celebrating the 50th day of school with lots of “shake, rattle, and roll” activities. We are excited to be going on our field trip to Dewberry Farms, what wonderful memories we will make! In Reading Workshop, we will begin our first genre study-folktales and fables. The students will learn about and understand literary elements such as; setting, characters, plot, problem and resolution. In Writing Workshop, we will work through our show and tell unit. The students will be moving toward writing multiple sentences per page, labeling 3 items per page, and writing endings with a big idea. In Math, we will be working with numbers to 20, and composing (joining) and decomposing (separating) numbers 6-10. Since we may be getting cooler temperatures for the fall season, please update your student’s change of clothes to pants and a long sleeve shirt. Also, don’t forget to send a jacket because will go outside for recess daily. Kind reminder, snacks should be peanut free, and cereal/granola bars are not approved snacks. As always, thank you for your continued support of the Kindergarten team!

First Grade

First Grade is so excited that some of the chicks hatched! Currently we have 4 baby chicks! They have enjoyed looking at the eggs in the incubator and guessing what they will look like when then hatch. In math the students will continue to practice counting by 10s. They will add and subtract within 20. Please practice adding with doubles numbers 1-10 at home.

In reading, we launched our new reading unit called Starbooks Café! We will begin to study characters. We will also begin to look at stories to identify the main and secondary characters, the plot and the setting.

In writing, we will begin to write personal narrative stories. The students will write stories about themselves. They can bring in pictures that are of family or anything that is close to them to use to write about.

Second Grade

In Science, our second graders will begin understanding the effects of heat, light, and sound energy. During Math, we will continue working on addition and subtraction word problems. We will also begin our Money Unit. Please begin counting change up to a dollar with your child.

We are continuing to interact with our books in deeper ways by responding to texts and making personnel connections. Our self selected writing has been getting stronger as we revise and edit for complete sentences and add sensory details.

Third Grade

In Math, we have been exploring division and how it relates to multiplication. We will begin solving word problems using all four operations in the next few weeks and will continue working on this for the rest of the month. Students will be learning how to determine the action and operations described in each word problem, so that they can correctly solve for what the question is asking. We will have Checkpoint #3 on November, 20.

In Science, we have been discussing the force of gravity. We will begin magnetism and shapes and surfaces before our DPM on November 14 and 15. Please help your child study at home. They have their study guide and FAQ book, which are fantastic resources to use. After the DPM, we will explore tools that affect motion such as levers, inclined planes, and pulleys.

We’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ in third grade! Students have been working so hard as readers and writers.

Coming up this month in reading, we are focusing on Traditional Literature. Students were immersed into the unit by reading Traditional Literature books and exploring the characteristics of the genre. This month we will focus on plot, putting ourselves in the character’s shoes, making mental images, noticing the impact of setting on plot, making inferences about characters, and exploring the author’s purpose and message.

This month, our writers, are diving into our Personal Narrative unit. Writers have been working hard on brainstorming and developing ideas to write about. We will be focusing on planning out our writing by sketching with FASTD (feelings, actions, setting, thoughts, and dialogue), writing about our sketches, revising and editing our writing, publishing and celebrating our personal narrative. Our November DPM is this month and it will entail, revising and editing, a writing sample, and reading comprehension.

We are looking forward to a FABULOUS month! J

Fourth Grade

We will be taking DPMs in Reading and Writing: November 11th Writing Sample, November 18th Reading Comprehension, November 20th Revising/Editing. We are working hard to become stronger readers in Fiction and working towards building our writing craft through personal narratives.

We are taking a Math checkpoint on November 11th on Multiplication. Practice your facts at home.

In Science we shall have a DPM on November 13th. Please review your Science study guide.

Our students continue to work hard and make growth. Thank you for your support.

Fifth Grade

We are digging deeper into fiction in reading workshop by analyzing elements of plot structure and studying author’s purpose and craft. We will use our knowledge from reading fiction to begin composing our own fiction stories. Our DPM is scheduled for November 11-22. We can’t wait for our readers to show what they know.

In math, we are so excited with our current unit, multiplying and dividing decimals. We are using our knowledge of whole numbers and using the area model as well as algorithms. Later this month, we will start our next unit, multiplying and dividing fractions. Our DPM (District Progress Monitoring) year is November 14-15. Students will have two days to complete the test. Don’t forget all students have access to Fasttmath through the district website. It is a great resource to build number fluency. We’re looking forward to exploring more in math as the year continues!

In Science, students will continue learning about slow and fast changes to Earth’s surface, caves, sedimentary rocks, fossil fuels and renewable and nonrenewable resources.

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Upcoming Events

November 4- 50th Day of School

November 5- Student Holiday-Parent/Teacher Conference Day

November 8- Veteran's Day program 9:00 am

November 12- Fall Picture Retake-No visitors No lunch deliveries

November 13- 4th Grade Parent Writing Night 6:00-7:00 PM

November 15- Kinder Dewberry Farm Field Trip

November 20- Gleason Horizon Showcase 6:00-7:00 PM

November 22- 4th Grade Oil Ranch Field Trip

November 25 to November 29- Student/Staff Holiday

December 2-Classes Resume

December 2-3rd Main Street Theater Field Trip

December 4-Progress Report go home

December 6- Newsletter Day

December 9- Gleason Spelling Bee 9:15 AM

December 10- Author Angela Cervantes visits 3rd-5th

December 10- 4th Grade Music Program

December 20- Winter Parties

10:30-11:00 AM PK

1:00-1:30 KG, 1st, and 2nd

2:30-3:00 PM PK, 3rd, 4th, and 5th

December 23-January 3- Winter Break

January 6- Classes Resume

Important information about lunches

We will NOT have lunch visitors or deliveries on the following dates:

November 12th

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District’s Student Insurance

Below is the link to the district’s student insurance webpage.

november Movement Calendars

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