Sports during the Soviet Era

Katie Rademacher


*1952- Joseph Stalin put the propaganda department in charge of the sports.

*Sports were free.

*Lots of pressure to win

*First competed in 1900 Olympics in Paris

*Soviet Union dominated Women's Volleyball in 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

*Soviet Volleyball joined the Olympic Program in 1964 Olympics in Tokyo


United States- 1979 Olympics in Moscow

Prostest against the Soviet Union invading Afghanistan.

The main idea was to make their Olympics 'less grand'

Soviets- 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

Retaliation for the U.S boycott in 1979

As a result, the U.S won more gold medals and Mary Lou became the first American to win overall in gymnastics.

Also made all of the Communist countries boycott along with them

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East Germany Scandal

East German athletes were given steroids

These athletes did not know that they were taking steroids, they were told they were vitamins

Caused birth problems and cancer later in life.

After they broke all sorts of records, people became suspicious.

The 1976 East German swim team sued the government for giving them anabolic steroids

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Olga Korbut-"Darling of Munich"

Olga is Belarusian-born gymnast.

1972 Munich Olympics- She won 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals.

She is known as the "Darling of Munich" and the "Sparrow from Minsk"

Olga was 17 when she was in the 1972 Olympics

She began training at age 8.

Gold 1972 in Munich for Team

Gold 1972 in Munich for Balance Beam

Gold 1972 in Munich for Floor Exercise

Gold 1976 in Montreal for Team

Silver 1972 in Munich for Uneven Bars

Silver 1976 in Montreal for Balance Beam

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Incredible Performance From Olga Korbut 'Darling Of Munich' - Munich 1972 Olympics