By : Ruben Coronado

8 Facts about Ms.Scholler

  • Ms..Scholler loves Abe Lincoln
  • Ms..Scholler has a boyfriend
  • Ms..Scholler is a History teacher
  • Ms..Scholler is moving to Arizona next year 2016-2017
  • She likes Hockey
  • Ms..Scholler has 797 followers on instagram
  • Ms..Scholler likes to drink this nasty green vegetable/fruit drink thing
  • Ms.Scholler use to live with laina the youtuber she is the overly attached girl friend
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  • I love Abe Lincoln he is my husband-Katie Scholler
  • Ms.Scholler attended UNT

Why shes my role model ...

Ms..Scholler is my role model because she is fun to be around with . She likes to do this thing when she imagine that Abe Lincoln is her husband but really he is not but I think that is very funny .

I really think that Ms. Scholler is a pretty chill, person in and outside of her body, I think that is 2/10,000 reasons why I think Ms. Scholler is one of the most creative/awesome person in the universe . These are reasons why I picked Ms. Scholler as my roll model . THE END

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How she represents herself in public...

Ms..Scholler represents her self In public by standing up and all ways having a positive attitude . She always lights up any ones day by just giving all of us a big laugh or smile .

Ms.Scholler is the most nicest ,most caring person in the world and, that is how she represents her self in public .