This week's top picks from IE Communications Team

Not so good news

ROBERTO: Spain goes down in business creation

Even if the government promised all kind of help to entrepreneurs and new business entrepreneurs, the truth is Spain is going down on rankings in precisely those areas. Now, Spain can be found bellow countries like Oman or Kazajstan, continue reading here.

VERÓNICA: You're cute, I trust you

It seems kids now do not listen to the morals in Disney movies or they have forgotten all about "beauty is on the inside". Now our youngest trust more handsome people than those they consider ugly. A very interesting study by Harvard, read it here.

GEOFFROY: Time to start a good wine cellar

It seems hard time are ahead, at least for wine lovers. The increase of wine consumers and the regular levels of wine production are going to come to a great disparity in the coming years. So yes, best start stocking wine now we still can. More here.

KERRY: On rage and apathy

Confronted by the actual political system, most people feel utterly unimpressed by politics and have gone to the stage of simply not caring anymore. But since not caring is giving them power, Russell Brand explores what other alternatives they are here.


ALEJANDRA: Is Google Sexist?

Or more exactly is its search bar sexist? A survey compiles what results Google suggest when tipping sentences like "women need to..." or "women shouldn't...". The results are more than worrying, see it for yourself

YOLANDA: Protesting through music

The humorist and social activist Hisham Fageeh makes his own sarcastic statement about the law that forbids women to drive in his home country Saudi Arabia. You can watch it here.


PABLO: A good drink and fluffy company

That is what the new initiative "La Gatoteca" at Madrid proposes: a comfy place, a coffee... and a cat of course. This charity takes care of stray cats and offers the chance to spend some time with them or even take them home. Here

FELIX: Practice your rusty Russian

"Of Things & Bats" is a book on short stories by Felix, and it continues going across, this time to Russian magazine ImpusPlus, on page 96. And for those who don't know Russian (really, who doesn't speak Russian nowadays!) do not worry, there is a translation! Find it here

JUNCAL: Enjoy the hollidays

Long week-end coming and christmas approaching (more or less) and suddenly there are trip advices everywhere! But lets think outside of the box and take a look to some original proposals to forget the rest of the world. Here


GILL: 237 forms of misspelling 'because'

Spanish have a problem with English, in all areas (just remember the "relaxing cup of café con leche"), but mostly talking. Even so, the level is slowly improving as says Jeannine Bogaard to El Mundo in this blog.