A Christmas Carol Background

Hanna Reuer

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is a world renowned author, known for his quirky characters, and his 14 major novels. Dickens's characters are influenced and based off some of the loved ones in his life. Dickens' life was full of interesting events and deaths, he fell in love with his wife's 17 year-old sister, and still was after she died. Dickens often wondered if he choose the right paths in life.

Dickens died while writing he last book, which he never finished, he died of a seizure and fell into a unconsciousness from which he never woke from.

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Industralization & The Victorain Era

Queen Victoria sent the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution moving She encouraged the development of arts, science, technology, and literature. Europe was at peace for much of the Victorian Era.

The Industrial Revolution created an enormous increase in the production of goods, and increased the development in technology.

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Child Labor and Poverty During teh Victorain Era

Child Labor became a serious problem during the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom in the 1700's , many youths worked in unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Many companies hired young children because their wages were smaller than adults. Many children where deprived from the chance to get an education.

Families that lived in poverty often lived in areas in the cities called "Slums", where the streets where dirty and homes had terrible living conditions, Kid where often sent to work instead of school.

The Victorian Era held many positives and negatives to peoples lives, some prospered some became poor and live din the slums. But, their fate was decided on the choices they made, whether or not they whether they where the right ones or not.