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Me and my friends play Madden Mobile.We play madden and it is quite fun.This game is awesome beacuse you are a manager and it's a dream team.There are many types of very good games I chose three that I personally like I hope you like my reviews.Game number one is Madden Mobile.Things you can do in this game are not very limited if you like football.Your goal of the game is to have the best team and of course win.And for you social media freaks you can login to google or Facebook and have friends and that's where multiplayer comes in to play. You can launch this by playing head to head.I hoped you liked my review on Madden Mobile. Another game I play is Subway Surfers.I play This With my mom. Things I do with my mom on Subway Surfers is try to get better score then her. Things that make it awesome is that me and my mum have a connection. Game number two is Subway Surfers.The things you do in subway surfers is swipe up down left right and try to avoid trains and you are getting chasesd by a policeman or Santa for doing graffiti on a train.Things you can also do in subway surfers is buy people,boards,etc. Things that make it awesome is you can login in to Facebook and be the best in world.The last game is Fnaf . I Play this game by myself but me and my friends talk about it very often. Things we do is just play it and try to win. It is awesome to me because it is very scary.The 3rd and final game is Fnaf. Things to describe Fnaf is that it is a jump scare game.Things you do in Fnaf is try to amok it the fifth night without dieing. Things that make it awesome is the characters. The characters are Freddy,Bonnie, Chica, foxy Marionette,ballon boy,and mangle.

This community is inportant to me because it's something me and my friends can talk about and somthing to compete with.Others would want to be apart of our community because we are very good friends and it's fun to talk about.My community is different then others because I and my friends could be talking about Madden and a group of of girls could be talk about painting their nails.Also I could be talking about Fnaf and girls could be talking about Barbie dolls