Summer Launch Training Call

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast!

Tonight's Launch Call

I am SO excited about tonight's launch!! Are YOU???

I feel like I have been pouring over and over the book and still am only HALF sure of what I will get. :)

If you haven't registered...don't forget ---> it's a WIN BIG night and I LOVE seeing all the Lemons that win! Register here:

These calls are so important for product knowledge purposes. Imagine how confident you will feel and how super savvy your customers will think you are when you drop some knowledge on them about design inspiration and specifics straight from the mouth of our amazing design team! There are a hundred reasons to get on the call, but this one to me is most important. The more you know, the better you feel, the more confidence you have, the more you will sell!

Are you in your Fast Start?

Well guess what? Tonight, there will be a call JUST FOR YOU! Your own launch call with your OWN Win Big! (Think about it, your odds are even better of winning because your group is smaller! ;)

This call will be geared toward anyone who is new to C+I. Here is the link to register:

I will be on as well, so if after you have any questions....please reach out either by text: 314-374-3063 or FB and we can chat! After the launch call, our FB Team Page Lemon Gwen is pretty hoppin' so if you're on on it yet, Friend me and I can add you!

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