Nintendo Hand-Held

Devices since 1996

The Evolution of Nintendo

Nintendo devices have undergone a wide range of modifications since the 90's, including touch screen technology and internet access. But thats not all. Before handheld devices, Nintendo made several household consoles such as the NES and N64. But when the public wanted to bring the games with them, Nintendo released their fist hand-held device, the GameBoy.




The latest model of a NIntendo handheld, the 2DS is the most advanced model, and perhaps last model, of the DS generation. With the fastest internet and graphics processor, screen savers, wireless communication, circle pad, and the new sleek appearance similar to that of a tablet, the 2DS is an example of perfection.

Unfortunately, owners see them as less than flawless. Easily breakable, hard to transport, and lacking the 3D feature as are included in earlier generations, the 2DS has disappointed many Nintendo fans. It failed at selling, and most customers who did buy them were rather unsatisfied, so many people think nintendo may release a completely new generation of handheld devices by 2016.

Nintendo 2DS - Official Commercial