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BHS Information - Week of January 24th - January 29th

Dual Credit Students

Dual Credit: how to register and pay for WC dual credit classes

How to check Weatherford College grades - LINK


Senior Information Link - The following is a link to our website with information containing important "to dos" for seniors.

Graduation - The graduation for our 2022 graduating seniors is set for 5/27/2022, at 6:00 p.m. at Brock Eagle Football Stadium. Baccalaureate is set for 5/22/2022.

All Students

Off Campus Lunch - Off campus lunch is only available to Juniors and Seniors. Freshmen and Sophomores may not leave campus for lunch unless a parent or guardian comes to the school and checks out their son or daughter. They may not be checked out remotely and leave campus with a Junior or Senior.

Commitment to Excellence(C2E) – We have implemented a new program this year called Commitment to Excellence. The program is designed to reinforce good study habits and time management skills for our students. This adds an extra layer of accountability to ensure that students are completing their assignments in a timely manner so as not to fall behind and keep up with the pace of the curriculum. If a student does not complete an assignment by the due date that student may not have mastered the skills necessary to learn the next phase of the curriculum. C2E takes place in the library during lunch every day. Two staff members monitor C2E and at times tutors are available to assist struggling students. The process works like this:

1. Student misses or doesn’t complete an assignment by the due date.

2. Teacher assigns student a “C2E”.

3. The student attends mandatory C2E at his or her next lunch period by reporting to the library at the beginning of lunch. At that time the student may go to the cafeteria and get lunch and bring it back to the library.

4. Student completes missing assignment and works on any other outstanding assignments.

5. Student must remain in the library until the completion of the lunch period.

As always, if a student still needs help with the material our regular tutoring hours 7:40-8:00 a.m. daily and at lunch or after school by appointment.

Prom - The Prom is set for April 9th.

Dress Code - Piercings - Just a reminder regarding piercings from the Student Handbook.

8) Boys shall not wear:
a. any visible body piercing such as earrings, nose rings or studs..

9) Girls shall not wear any visible body piercing other than the ears. Nose rings or studs are
not permitted.

10) The wearing of tongue rings or studs, facial jewelry, or facial decorations other than normal makeup is not permitted. Spikes, gauges, and mouth jewelry are not allowed. Bandages, tape, spacers or other coverings used for the express purpose of covering body piercing jewelry will not be allowed.

Hair Color - Just a reminder regarding hair color and dyeing of hair. From the Student Handbook:

7) Student’s hair, by the nature of the style or color, shall not tend to create an educational distraction. Student’s hair must be a natural color or shade. Examples of colors not permitted, but not limited to, are pink, green, blue, etc.

Dress Code Link

Descriptions of the UIL Academic events and why you should join the UIL Academic team?

2020-21 Awards for the Brock HS UIL Academic Team

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Eagle's Nest School-Based Telemedicine Link

A consent must be completed prior to any students utilizing this option.

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Activities - Week of January 24th - January 29th

MoB Band Calendar 2021-2022 - Link

January 25th - Tennis - JV Parker County Peach Bowl Tournament

January 25th - Girls Basketball at Eastland - JV/V - 5:00/6:15

January 25th - Boys Basketball at Eastland - JVB, JVG, V - 5:00/6:15/7:30

January 28th - Boys Basketball vs Early - Here - JVB, JVG, V - 5:00/6:15/7:30

January 28th - Girls Basketball vs Early - Here - JV/V, 5:00/6:15

January 28th - Tennis - Parker County Peach Bowl Tournament - Wfrd/Brock

January 29th - Powerlifting - Santo Meet - 6:30/9:00 a.m.

January 29th - Softball vs Brewer - Scrimmage - JV/V - 11:00/12:45