Say NO To Drunk Driving!!!! cx

Don't Drink and Drive At The Same Time!!!!

30 Ways DWI Can Effect You!!! cx

define what DWI is? What is a felony?

DWI: Driving While Intoxicated

Felony: A crime, typically one involving violence , regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death.

statistics/facts on drinking and driving:

1) you can die

2) you can kill someone

3) go to jail

4) crash

5 lose license

The cost of a DWI:


30 Ways in which a DWI can affect you:

1) can cause you to kill people

2) accident

3) lose license

4) go to jail

5) lose weekends

6) can't leave country or state

7) fines

8) community service

9) time off of work

10) lose money

11) find a way to get to work

12) lose job

13) probation

14) wrist monitor

15) depress

16) ankle monitor

17) license plate confiscated

18) possible vehicle forfeiture

19) $1,000 on driver responsibility fee

20) possibly paralyzed if crashed

21) car/truck taken away

22) stay on records

23) scar for the rest of your life

24) cant buy alcohol

25) cant buy cigarettes

26) breathalyzer

27) you get taken away from your family

28) lose your ID

29) lose your education

30) cant spend holidays

5 Ways to avoid drinking and driving:

1) take mass transit, a taxi or ask a friend who is sober to drive

2)stay over at the location of the activity

3)call law enforcement officials to report impaired drivers. Drivers can dial #77 to report drunk drivers.

4)always wear your seatbelts

5)take a cab or have someone escort you to your front door if you are intoxicated and traveling on foot.