Amicalola Falls

By; Andrew

What is Amicalola Falls?

The excellent Amicalola Falls is in Dawsonville, Georgia. in North Georgia the breath taking view will take your breath away!!! The Cherokee Indians identified Amicalola Falls. I elected Amicalola Falls because the name sounded charming, I like falls, and who wouldn't like to learn about this marvelous land form!

What does Amicalola Falls look like?

To start off, close your eyes and brainstorm a moist green land form. When the water smashes against the rocks it appears to be fog. Their's moss, trees, bushes everywhere!When the water is streaming down the mountain, you just want to jump right in! It has 829 acres, that’s as big as about 820 football fields! It’s one of Georgia’s most popular state parks. It is the tallest cascade in the southeast (out of the US). At the top there’s hotels, cottages, a campground, and restraunts. A 5 mile hike leads to the Len Foote Hike Inn, Georgia’s only backcountry lodge.
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How was Amicalola Falls created?

This leads us to that Amicalola Falls was created by a constructive force. Like tectonic plates, combining and forming a new mountain, by moving back and forth creating the mountain. Then a couple of boulders cracked so far it went all the way to a lake. Letting the water flow through it. So the constructive force tectonic plates created it.

Have you been their?

To wrap this up, I've never actually been to Amicalola Falls, but it sounds amazing! The species of plants would probably be are moss, bushes, and trees. I bet rain forest animals live their because of the moist conditions, and climate. I wonder if , people cut stuff down like trees? If so, I wonder who?

I think you should go

Finally, I think you should go! Because of the restraunts, hotels, and the waterfall!!!Maybe you can see the animals! Can you bring me? Ill pay!?