Morgan Seidl's

Self Improvement Poster

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~Areas I Need To Work On~

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~Things I Can Do~

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~Positive Affirmations I Can Use~

“ You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you are meant to be.”



-To ensure that I have the best health everyday I will have a very healthy diet and follow through with keeping portion sizes in my daily meals. Emotionally I will ensure my health will be very well maintained I will express my moods and how I'm truly feeling with others or peers. In addition, I will spend time with my horse who clears my mind whenever needed.


- I have suffered from pain in the past due to bullying and also constantly bringing myself down because I always felt as if I wasn't good enough.

- I expect pain in the future because eventually things will become very hard to overcome and challenges will progressively get tougher. Both physically and emotionally pain will soon come and I will have to prove to myself that I can strong enough to fight it.

- What I will gain from pain in the future is that pain in the main thing in life that makes you stronger. Pain in the building block of making you a stronger individual; therefore, your able to cross any obstacle.

~I Am Who I Am Because Of My Surroundings~

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~What I Want From Life~

- I want from life simply to be happy and to enjoy my life while I'm here. Also, I often need to remind myself that I only live once which then I can give myself many options to be myself and have no regrets. In addition, I need to surround myself with people who adds positive feedback to me. I don't want to surround myself with negative people because my goals will never be accomplished.