Khan Academy

By Will Harrington


Khan Academy was founded in September of 2006 by Salman Khan. The purpose of this organization is to educated people on multiple topics online. Khan founded this organization because he wanted to help educate people all around the world. He saw a need because many people were watching his videos and thought they were very helpful.


Khan academy started out in Salman Khan's closet. He started out making videos and uploading them to youtube to help his cousin with math. Many people started watching them so he started to make more. Khan was becoming popular on youtube so he quit his job and created khan academy. Today khan academy tutors in many subjects. Many organizations today donate money to help khan academy thrive.

Similarities and Differences Between the Two Entrepreneurs

Both Steve Wozniak and Salman Khan were creative people. They thought of an idea and went with it. Both are also very passionate in what they do. Wozniak and Khan do what they do and they love doing it. If they didn't love what they do they would have stopped right away.

They are different because Steve Wozniak did it to make a profit and Salman Khan did it only to help people learn. Even though Wozniak didn't think he would make a lot of money of the Apple, he took the money that was given to him.