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Student @ Carroll Community College

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Cami Libdan is one of hundreds of thousands of students who work while they attend college. While she was in school diligently studying to get the most out of her college education, Cami Libdan was also working as a retail employee. During the duration of her college years, Cami Libdan worked one of two retail positions. For over a year she worked at a local retail pharmacy store. Later, Cami Libdan worked for a home décor store where she became an awarded salesperson.

Cami Libdan

Cami Libdan was always determined to prove her abilities as a student and make the most out of her education. After graduating with honors from high school, Cami Libdan began attending Carroll Community College. She made the Dean’s List, joined the Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa before graduating with honors. After community college, Cami Libdan was accepted to University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Again, Cami Libdan dedicated herself to high academic achievement, studied hard, and was rewarded by making UMBC’s Dean’s List.

Cami Libdan: Aspiring Professional with Many Talents

When you are young, your opportunities to create an identity for yourself are nearly endless. Going to college allows students to pick a direction for themselves and find a path that can define them for the rest of their lives. During those first years as a student, what stands out is the ability to meet the expectations of college courses and succeed academically.

Cami Libdan has always done well as a student. Through her high school, community college, and university years, she received numerous academic awards and scholarships. She has made the Dean’s List numerous times and managed to do so while working her way through college.

Like millions of students, Cami Libdan navigates her time as a working student. She has held two retail jobs through her college years. For over a year Cami Libdan worked in a local pharmacy store. She then spent between two to three years at Pier Imports. It was working for the home décor store that Cami Libdan was awarded the Sales Award for her talent and abilities as a successful salesperson.

When Cami Libdan wasn’t working retail, studying, or attending class, she was helping others. Cami Libdan has tutored classmates in the past. The two subjects she tutored were math and anatomy. Cami Libdan is also a non-profit volunteer. She volunteers spare time to a family-owned non-profit organization that supports a third world country grade school. Cami Libdan helps the organization by creating and designing the organization’s Facebook content. Cami Libdan also plans to help teach English to foreign students.

Cami Libdan: UMBC Student

Cami Libdan knew her future would lead her to attend university. Cami Libdan graduated from Francis Scott Key High School in Union Bridge, Maryland. Throughout high school Cami Libdan focused on high academic achievement. After graduating with honors, Cami Libdan attended community college near home.

Before becoming an university student, Cami Libdan attended Carroll Community College. The two year college helped Cami Libdan complete the base courses she would need for university at a far more reasonable cost. In her short period as a community college student, Cami Libdan made the Dean’s List and then graduated with honors.

As was her goal, Cami Libdan was accepted to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Cami Libdan attended the university with an academic scholarship and joined the honors society Phi Theta Kappa. The University of Maryland, Baltimore County provided all Cami Libdan needed to complete the degree she wanted. Additionally, Cami Libdan was able to take advantage of other school programs including a study abroad program.

Cami Libdan always wanted to learn a second language and see and experience a culture different from her own. Cami Libdan applied and was accepted for the university’s study abroad program. As one of her dreams come true, Cami Libdan was able to travel abroad to study Spanish culture and language.

Cami Libdan is proud to be a UMBC student. The honors university provides students with the resources and attention they need to be successful. The university was the perfect choice for a motivated and driven student like Cami Libdan.

Cami Libdan’s Retail Work

There are a number of growing industries in the United States and one of the strongest industries is the retail industry because the economy is consumer driven. Despite it being such a large sector, many of the positions are low-wage and filled by an array of individuals who may be working under their skill set.

Retail has long been the industry for working students. Cami Libdan carried on this tradition as a working college student. She has held two retail jobs. First, Cami Libdan worked for a local pharmacy. The job provided Cami Libdan with a stable working environment for over a year before she left the position to take on something a bit more glamorous.

Cami Libdan’s second retail job was for the nationwide home décor retail chain Pier Imports. Although the job was a bit more demanding, Cami Libdan enjoyed her position more. Working the sales floor, Cami Libdan had to represent the very best the company had to offer. She had to be knowledgeable about the products, help customers find products, and ask pointed questions while recommending products to boost sales.

Cami Libdan thrived in her new role. With the ability to read people’s body language and tone of voice, she was able to maintain a calm and composed manner no matter the state of emotion the customer was in. Cami Libdan navigated sales effectively and efficiently and outperformed many of her colleagues. Her hard work paid off when she was gifted the Piers Imports’ Sales Award.

Cami Libdan Tutors and Teaches Other Students

Cami Libdan is a student who has had a mission. Her mission has been to help other students with their own academic success. As a grade school student, Cami Libdan did well and when it came time to graduate, she did so with honors. She went on to attend community college where she made the Dean’s List and once more, graduated with honors.

After community college, Cami Libdan was accepted to UMBC with an academic scholarship. She quickly applied herself to her coursework and took the time out to tutor her struggling peers. Cami Libdan tutored students struggling with math and her Anatomy & Life Science class. She found that by helping others with their coursework, she memorized and maintained the material more. Tutoring other students became mutually beneficial.

Cami Libdan also took an interest in Spanish. She took time to study Spanish culture and language abroad and after returning to the United States, had an expanded view of not only herself and the culture around her, but also of the struggles students face when trying to learn English in the United States. So Cami Libdan quickly planned to help another set of students. She decided to help teach foreign students English.

Cami Libdan appreciates the struggle of learning a second language. It is made even harder without someone to practice the language with. Cami Libdan wants to be the person foreign students trust to practice English. She also wants to help them expand their American English vocabulary and grammar.

Non-Profit Volunteer Cami Libdan

When you think of a volunteer what comes to mind? People often think of soup kitchens, people helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity, or people signing up to help organize walks, fund raisers, or other events. All are noble gestures and everyone who volunteers finds a niche of work they enjoy. Volunteer work also comes in various shapes, sizes, and causes.

Cami Libdan’s volunteer work probably goes unnoticed by all but those who know her and understands what she does. The bulk of Cami Libdan’s non-profit volunteer work is done online. For a while now, Cami Libdan has volunteered for a family-owned non-profit organization that supports and manages a grade school for underprivileged children in an underfunded third world country. Cami Libdan’s role as a volunteer is to create and design material to go on the organization’s Facebook page.

Facebook is a great way for organizations to spread their mission and keep donators and contributors informed about their work. By adding new content to the organization’s Facebook page, Cami Libdan keeps the organization current so supporters feel confident that their contributions are being used for its intended purposes.

Cami Libdan feels good about her work as a volunteer. She has also helped others in a more personal manner, too. As a college student, Cami Libdan encouraged and supported students as a tutor. She tutored two courses: Math and Anatomy & Life Science. Thanks to her personal attention and caring nature, Cami Libdan helped her struggling peers understand class material so fellow students could pass class and do well in their own studies.

Retail Employee and Student Cami Libdan

There are millions of working college students in the United States today and Cami Libdan is proud to be among them. Working while attending university can be rewarding just as it can be challenging. While universities recommend students find a job on campus and work no more than 15 to 20 hours a week, Cami Libdan and other peers found paid work off campus and in a retail environment.

Working off campus can present additional challenges for students. Students on campus can use free time to study while off-campus students need to present themselves as the epitome of working perfection and cannot keep a textbook on hand for downtime. Yet, despite the demands of retail and nagging customers, Cami Libdan used her time well, maintaining high grades and making her college’s Dean’s List.

Through her working student years, Cami Libdan has worked for a local pharmacy and the nationwide home décor chain Pier Imports. Cami Libdan’s abilities and skills as a salesperson earned her the Pier Imports’ Sales Award, an accomplishment she is very proud of. Cami Libdan is honored by more than the award though; she feels accomplished identifying herself as a working college student.

Cami Libdan is thankful for her scholarship and her ability to work as a student. Going forward, she hopes her dual roles will favor her when she applies for work. Cami Libdan is also a foreign language student who studied Spanish and has made plans to teach English to foreign students and work as a language translator.

UMBC Academic Scholarship Recipient Cami Libdan

Being accepted into university was a dream come true not only for Cami Libdan but for her family too. Millions of Americans attend college and university each year and they do so in the hope that their studies will create a better life for themselves. With the cost of college rising and the wages of students and parents staying basically the same, paying for college and avoiding student loans is increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

Fortunately, Cami Libdan has always been a great student. Cami Libdan put great emphasis on the quality of her work since grade school. She knew high grades were her reward for a job well done. Even more rewards followed in high school when Cami Libdan made honor roll repeatedly. When Cami Libdan graduated from Francis Scott Key High School, she graduated with honors.

If success is a habit, Cami Libdan has kept it throughout her college years. For the first couple years as a college student, Cami Libdan attended Carroll Community College. This was a stepping stone for Cami Libdan and when it came time for her to graduate community college she did so as a student on the Dean’s List and with honors.

After community college Cami Libdan applied for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her academic success meant Cami Libdan could attend university with an academic scholarship, cutting down the cost of her education. To retain her scholarship, Cami Libdan had to once again maintain a high academic standard. She joined the honor society and Phi Theta Kappa.