Benefits of Guided Reading Lessons

Information for teachers in primary grades

What is guided reading lessons?

Guided reading is a strategy that helps students become good readers. The teacher provides support for small groups of readers as they learn to use various reading strategies (context clues, letter and sound relationships, word structure, and so forth).

What are the steps of a guided reading lesson?

1. Set the scene for the book: Give background information on the book and what will be learned while reading.

2. Picture walk: Have the students go through and look at all the pictures, even before reading anything.

3. Reading the text: Have the students/ yourself read through all the text.

4. Go back to the text for vocabulary: Pick vocabulary for the student's reading level and go over what the definitions are.

5. Reflection on the book: Have the students reflect on what their favorite parts were or what they liked about the book.

Benefits of Guided Reading

  • Students become more fluent readers.
  • Students learn reading strategies that help them with more difficult texts.
  • Students learn appropriate questions to ask about a text.
  • It enables students to have a conversation about the text.
  • Students learn to think critically about a book.
  • It encourages students to use their prior knowledge and experience and apply it to the text.

The video below will show what a guided reading lesson looks like.

Second Grade Guided Reading with Kimberly Simon

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