December 13, 2015

Last Week:

  • On Tuesday all of the ASPIRE 5 students were given a math textbook. These are not workbooks, but are our actual textbooks. They are a great resource for your child to practice.
  • The students continue to work on dividing decimal dividends by whole number divisors with and without remainders.
  • The students also worked at dissecting word problems
  • Since last week was Computer Science Week - we participated in The Hour of Code on Monday and Tuesday. Check out the pics and website info below.
  • At the end of the week we worked on grid logic problems and writing a mathematical proof to prove our thinking.

This Week:

This week we will be working on:
  • The students will be reviewing function tables and multiplication and division of whole numbers as they prepare for a unit test.
  • On Tuesday we will take part in the 2nd Math Olympiad competition.
  • We will also have fun with some holiday themed problems as well.

The Hour of Code was tons of fun!

What Can You Do at Home?

Many times parents and kids ask, "What can we be doing at home?"

First - practice your math facts! There are many games and apps available for this.

Second - problem solving! Many students can "do the math" but often have trouble figuring out what to do. Here are a few good places to start - and your child already has an account at most!

Textbook - Several of you have asked about extra practice for your children. This week we will be sending home our math textbook - it looks like a workbook - but the students are NOT to write in it.

Coding - there are many coding apps and websites that are great for kids to work on at home. Coding is great for logical thinking and problem solving.

Sumdog - you child has an account here as well. There are games to play and contests to enter. Lots of fun!

Prodigy - Students will be logging in and joining this game, this week.

Math Olympiad - The students did very well on their first competition last month, especially those that participated last year. The next competition is Tuesday, December 15. Click HERE to go to their problem of the month page.