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A Peek at the Week

Our Focus: This week's focus will be on characteristics about winter and how it affects the behaviors of animals.

Weekly Skills: Long and short vowel sounds, isolate beginning, middle and ending sounds, identify popcorn words, and proper use of writing conventions

Popcorn Words: this, of

Math: decomposition of 6 with pictures, objects and stories; graphing and data analysis; place value; counting to 100 by 1"s.

Help at Home

Have your child….

*Identify letters/sounds of the alphabet (A-Z and a-z)

*Write his/her first and last name using a capitol letter and the beginning and lowercase throughout the rest

*Practice reading and writing the following popcorn words: (it, is, I, like, and, you, of, are, in, he, on, she, for, the, to, a, my, was, with, at)

*Practice writing complete sentences. The sentence should include a capitol letter at the beginning, finger spaces and correct punctuation.

*Read to and with your child

*Practice finding ways to make 10

*Simple addition up to 5

*Practice counting from 1-100

*Practice counting on from any given number

*Practice writing numbers 1-31

*Practice tying shoes.

ABC Mouse is an educational website we like to play on. It tracks your child's growth, helps them develop skills to utilize technology independently, and is engaging. I encourage your child to utilize this website at home if you have the technology available. The following are directions and account information to allow you to do so.
Go to and login username: and password: room113. If you save this password, everytime you open the site, it will automatically go to your child's page. On the far right side, click on the green widget "Change Class/ Group". Select 14.15. Locate your child and allow them to investigate the site. If they want to play with their hamster or fish, that is fine, the only way they can purchase items is through getting more tickets - via learning activities.

Important Reminders

1.28 100th Day of School - be watching for a note or email
2.13 No School - Professional Development
2.16 No School - President's Day

Specials Schedule

1.20 Music

1.21 Art

1.22 Art/PE

1.23 Music

Have a great week! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Redfern :)


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