2016 PresidentialRepublicanElection

The race to be the president

By: Trayson Sosa

-0>>>-[Vote]->>>>>>>>>>------------------------ ________------------------------- ___-----------------------------

\|/-----------------------------------0->>>>>>>>>--/Trump/->>>>>>>>>>>>>-/#- \-----------------------------

-| >>>-[Trump]->>>>>>>---\|/--------------- / Rubio /---------------------------\_-1/----------------------------

-/\--------------- {Rubio}---------/ \-------------- /_______/---------------------------------------------------------------

Symbol Art

The candidate election begins with people voting for candidates through primaries or caucuses. The voting results then go to the state delegates. The delegates then vote for who they want.
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Delegate Graph

Delegates are the key to winning a election. If you reach the required amount, you WIN
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Pie Chart

Looks like trumps winning with an amazing 61% of the delegates so far. But of course there is still super-delegates