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These teachers exemplified a collaborative spirit and growth mindset by approaching me recently with great ideas to share, challenges to solve, and classroom invitations: Terry Beeman, Tim Brewer, Victoria Davis, Maggie Dooley, Juli Garcia, Melinda Lloyd, Josh Singer, Shelley Stone. Thanks for being amazing colleagues!

STEM Center series kicks off with 3-D Animation

20 students joined me in the STEM Center last Wednesday to take part in the first of what promises to be a monthly lunchtime workshop called Imagineering with Mr. Kinser.

We examined Pixar in a Box, a joint project between the animation studio and Khan Academy. The first video gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of Pixar with insight into the math, science, and art that makes 3-D animation awesome.

Next we opened up Blender, a free industry-grade animation and modeling software. The goal: animate a ball by making it roll from one side of the screen to another. While I struggled to get it rolling by the end of lunch, I promised to persevere and show students my finished product. Thank you, Cory Militzer, Kim Walsh, and Adam Seldis for your time and curiosity!

Here's the first cut:

NobbieV1 animation

Innovation Abounds! Check out these classrooms:

Student Tech Survey Results

231 Upper School students offered feedback on our growing STEM programs. Here are some of their key "wants." How about you, colleagues? Anything on your wish list?

  • Classes: film, computer engineering, 3D animation, self-guided classes
  • Hardware: laser / vinyl cutters, film and photo equipment, desktop Macs
  • Software: CAD, Adobe Suite, Autodesk, FinalCut Pro, Logic Pro X
  • Productivity: more reliable wifi, charging stations, color printer
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Lifehacks and How-tos

Sick of those Apple TV fritzes? Try these steps weekly:

1. Turn Mimio power off.

2. Unplug Apple TV "puck" from projector.

3. Wait 30 seconds and reboot.

4. Go to Apple TV Menu Settings --> System --> Software Updates --> Update

5. Back to Menu --> General --> Restart

An update a day keeps trouble away!

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Do you know this future leader?

Global Leadership students created video introductions to share with our partner schools around the world. Chase Maasdorp's example not only highlighted his basketball career with FinalCut Pro clips but also encapsulated his leadership strategy: Help others improve.
Chase Maasdorp | Global Leadership | 2016
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