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Principal's Corner

I've started and restarted my message to you, our Laker Family, so many times, but the words and messages don't always seem to fit the times we're in. Then I think about what our entire globe is going through and realize there are no words. Never in my lifetime and that of the generation before me has there been such an incredible, swift change in our world that has forced education to change so quickly. One could argue this could be the biggest change we've seen since World War II, which was over 70 years ago. Thankfully the battle we're facing doesn't put young soldiers on the front lines, however, it does provide challenges we have to face together.

As I reflect on the past couple weeks, I have to say I couldn't be more proud to be a Laker. The way our staff, students and families have responded during our shut down is nothing less than incredible. In a few short days, our staff has done incredible work to begin preparing for distance learning. They've reached out to students, they've provided childcare for emergency workers and most of all they've worked together to determine what school will look like for our students.

We know many of you and your children are wondering and maybe even a little anxious about what school looks like and feels like next week. While we won't be in our cozy classrooms, I can assure you education hasn't changed. The way we deliver it has. Teachers will still see students each week and sometimes even daily. Students may get to maybe even talk to classmates and friends during video calls at times. Teachers have been working to make videos of lessons to share with students and are thinking about how to support you at home as a family.

We know all families are working through this experience differently. You may have to work from home while your child is learning or you may not have all the devices set up to get this system ready to roll. We also know we're trying to find a new normal and determine what's the right amount of learning to do each day. So, in this time of trial and change, let's agree to grant each other some grace. We'll do our best and we'll expect you to do the same. At the end of the first week, we'll ask for some feedback to help guide us as we move forward with distance learning.

Laker Family, we're so glad you're part of this village with us. We couldn't make a mass change in how we teach kids without your commitment and willingness to make education a priority. If you have questions, need guidance or could use support from us, we're a phone call, email or video conference away. This is the time we need you to reach out and let us reach in! Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Suchy


Attendance is still expected of each child during Distance Learning. Our procedure will remain the same with teachers taking attendance and sending that to our office. If your child is ill, we still need to know! Please call our offices to report if your child isn't feeling well enough to participate.

In Every Issue...


Should your child be ill or not joining us at school on a certain day, we need to know. Please call our schools at 320-239-4800.

Call ext. 2000 for Kylie and MAES or send an email to

Call ext. 1208 for Kristen at MAIS or send an email to

Bus Information:

For information regarding a bus issue, please call Palmer Bus Service at 320-634-3272.

Student Support:

K-6 Social Worker Mary Walsh 320-239-4800

Student Support Services Coordinator Caleb Greene 320-239-4800

K-6 Principal Sarah Suchy 320-239-4800

At this time of year we're typically asking you to mark your calendars. As of today, Minnesota has not given our schools direction past March 30th. We will not be postponing or cancelling events until we hear further word from Governor Walz and Education Commissioner Ricker.

Calendar of Events

  • March 25-27 Spring Break-Offices and Schools Closed
  • April 10-No School, Good Friday
  • April 13-No School, Easter Monday
  • April 15-16 Grades 3-6 Reading MCAs
  • April 21-22 Grades 3-6 Math MCAs
  • April 23-24 Author Visit
  • April 28-29 5th Grade Science MCAs
  • April 28 1st & 2nd Grade Spring Concerts
  • April 30 MAEIS ArtShow 3:30-7:30 MAHS Art Room
  • May 5-2nd grade at Prairie Woods
  • May 5th 3rd & 4th Grade Spring Concerts
  • May 6th Day of Caring K-6
  • May 6-8 5th Grade Long Lake Trip
  • May 8th K-3 Fun Run
  • May 19th 5th & 6th Grade Band and Choir Concerts
  • May 22nd 3rd Grade Track & Field Day
  • May 25th No School, Memorial Day
  • May 29th Last Student Day


Were you like many who had plans for spring break? Cancelling all the fun hasn't been easy on us or our kids. I find myself wondering what CAN we do? The link below has a few ideas that can be modified to support the times we are working through.

Looking for a new experience, maybe a visit to a museum or zoo might be a new adventure.