By: Ethan s

A Natrual Disater

A natrual disater is a event from the natrual process in the earth. It can cause disaters like tsunamis, hurricans, earthquakes, eruptions, and floods. It has to cause damage to the community to be a natrual disater.


A hurricane is large tropical storms with heavy winds. The winds cans cause flooding by geting to sea level and crating a large mound of water. Hurricanes go at about 74 miles per hour in a hurricane. Hurricanes normaly happen near oceans.

Eye of the Hurricane

The eye of the hurricane is the calmest part of the hurricane. All the wind in the hurricane circles around the eye. The weather patroll flies around the hurricane and alerts the people to get out of the area.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst hurricanes ever. The hurricane hit the super dome in New Orlens. A football game was going on while everybody had to evacuate the stadium. About 1,836 people died in this hurricane. it was way worst than hurricane sandy.

after the earthquake in 2005 new orlens flooded.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy happened in 2012 and was hurricane 3 of 5. it was a couple of years after hurricane Katrina. It was the largest Atlantic hurricane ever. At least 286 people were killed in seven countries. It developed a tropical wave on the carbbean sea on October 22nd.