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Bearings Bike Shop Partners with Slater Elementary School

Students learn the worth of work ethic!

The students in these pictures were selected by their 5th grade teachers to participate in a fantastic pairing between T. H. Slater and Bearing Bikes. Bearings Bike Shop has an amazing Partnership with not only Slater but throughout Purpose Built Schools. This partnership allows students to learn how to use real life tools to repair real life bikes. While students learn the hard skills of bike repair, they also practice soft skills like responsibility, compassion, and empathy.

The program encourages students to earn stars for the work they do during their visit. Students also earn stars for showing kindness, for working hard in school, and for remembering to sign in and sign out as a demonstration of responsibility. Students that complete the program can exchange their stars for a brand new bike of their own!

This program is teaching our students how to fix bikes while they learn skills they will use to succeed in their adult lives!

Ms. DeVeaux Proves that Slater Teachers go Above and Beyond to Build Relationships as They Teach

A Teaching Session for Teachers

Teachers usually spend their days in front of their students, but this past Friday some of our best and brightest teachers got a chance to teach their peers.

Ms. DeVeaux took time out of her busy schedule to teach our Slater Teachers some strategies for intentionally building relationships during daily instruction. The strategies that she shared offered suggestions for increasing the opportunities that students have to share their voices. Students get to discuss interesting topics during their morning meetings, they get to share continental breakfast with one another on Munchy Monday's, and they get to get to participate in fun games and activities on Fun Friday's.

Other talented teachers that trained their peers include: Ms.Tyler (5th grade teacher) who shared Effective Questioning strategies, Ms. Robinson (5th grade teacher) who discussed Effective Student Monitoring, Mr. Hollifield (Pre-K teacher) discussed Positive Intent and Responsiveness, and Mr. Moultrie (Dean of students) discussed Data. Our staff shares their expertise to build more experts for our Slater students!!

Remember That.....

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Slater is A Uniform School!


To ensure that our learning environment is equitable and focused on instruction, we are a uniform school. All students are required to be in uniform Monday - Friday. Our uniforms consist of khaki or navy blue bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts) and white, orange, or blue polo shirts. All students should be in uniform Monday-Friday. If you are facing a challenge in purchasing uniforms for your child(ren), feel free to reach out to our parent liaison, Ms. Woods, for assistance @(404)802-4050.

This Week's Mission

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For Your Information

For the last three weeks our students and teachers have taken on Monday Missions in order build our school culture! This week is no different.

The Staff Mission:

Everyday this week ask a student what they are learning in another class. Compliment the student on the knowledge gained and let them hear you say something positive about the teacher who taught the lesson.

The Student Mission:

Give eye contact to the person talking to you.

Remember Every Week!

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Early Release Day

As a reminder, every Friday our school day ends at 1:00 p.m. in order for our teachers to receive training and workshops to ensure your child(ren) have a top-notch educational experience here at Slater. All students must be picked up no later than 1:00 p.m. each Friday!!

No Time for Tardies!!

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Research indicates that missing more than five days of school each year, regardless of the cause, begins to impact student academic performance and starts shaping attitudes about school.

At Slater Elementary, we recognize the relationship between daily school attendance, school climate, student performance, and social-emotional health. We also know that the amount of time actually spent in class is a good measure of student access to an education. Each tardy or absence means a student has lost an opportunity to learn.

At T.H. Slater Elementary, we strive to proactively monitor school wide attendance and the individual attendance of each student. The following policy will be upheld for students who are tardy or repeatedly picked up late:

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