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Week of February 7-15, 2016

As we kick off the month of February, consider giving yourself a valentine — a little self-love in the teacher motivation department. Thank you for your LOVE for teaching and your commitment to the students!

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Celebrating 100 Days of School

Kindness Week Will be Celebrated at Kiest!

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For Students....

We will have a Kindness Tree outside the cafeteria. We want students to notice the kind things that others do for them. As they notice the kind acts, they can write it (or you can help them write it) on a heart. Hearts will be available in Mrs. Willis' office and in your boxes. You can turn them in to Mrs. Willis so that we can display them on the tree. We would love to have a tree filled with hearts by Friday for our Valentine's Day celebration. I strongly believe that each class can have more than 100 kind acts by the end of this week!

For Staff....

Have you noticed the gumball machine outside the office? You can write your kind notes about staff members on the gumballs! Feel free to place those in Mrs. Willis' box as well.

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  1. Thanks Ms. Ramirez for sharing what you learned at the Cadre Training with your team.

  2. Ms. Orta received lots of praise for her lesson during a teacher visit from Sanger ES.

  3. Big Shout-Out to Ms. Abarca and Ms. Javier for receiving their DTR Observations this week!

  4. Thank you Ms. Ajaga, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Rivas, Mr. Messimer, and Ms. Sunmonu for leading the Black History Month Program.

  5. Big Thanks to Ms. Harding and Ms. Jackson for presenting in the District’s STEM Day last Saturday

  6. Shout-Outs to Ms. Marquez and Ms. Monreal for setting up the Library for the Tailgate’s Lunch

  7. Thank you Mr. Salazar, Ms. Simmons, Ms. Esquivel for covering the Teachers’ Duty Free Luncheon

  8. Thank you Ms. Jackson and Ms. Castro for working on the 100 Days Poster

  9. Thank you Everyone for recognizing Mrs. Willis with cards and goodies during Counselor’s Appreciation Week. She is forever grateful for a fantastic counselor’s week!

  10. Thank you Nurse Johnson for leading the UNCF Campaign

  11. Shout-Outs to Mrs. Quiroz and Mrs. Estrada’s spouses for their grilling skills at the Tailgate Pot-Luck

  12. Hats-Off Everyone for your participation in the Tailgate’s Pot-luck

  13. Big Thanks to Ms. Brown, Ms. Flores, and Ms. Trejo for managing the front during hectic days like Friday. You are awesome!

  14. Thank you SUNSHINE and PTA for the 100 Days Popcorn!

  15. Congratulations to our January Staff Members of the Month – Mr. Garcia and Ms. Simmons!

  16. Shout out to you Team All Stars for your commitment and perseverance to our children.

You are simply the BEST!

Itinerary ~ Week of February 7-15, 2016

Sunday 2/7
  • Happy Birthday Ms. Brooks!

  • UNCF-United Negro College Fund Campaign Begins

  • Kindness Week Begins

Monday 2/8 Announcements this Week 2C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Science Fusion Training 5th Grade Science @ 1:15PM

  • Black History Month Committee Meeting @ 3:15PM

  • Beach Club @ 3:00PM

Tuesday 2/9 Announcements this Week 2C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Parents STAAR Workshop- 2:00PM

  • PLC TELPAS Training All Teachers @ 3:15PM

Wednesday 2/10 Announcements this Week 2C

Enrollment Verification Roster Today during Attendance!!

  • Happy Birthday Ms. Pero!

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Journeys Training 3rd, 4th, 5th Gr. Reading Teachers during Conference Time

  • Tutoring 3:00-3:45

  • Science Club

  • Destination Bryan Adams Meeting @ 6:30PM-Gaston MS

Thursday 2/11 Announcements this Week 2C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Go Math Training for 3, 4, 5th Gr. Math Teachers during Conference Time

  • Grade Level Meetings for K-2 & 4th Writing only during Conference Time

  • Tutoring 3:00-3:45

  • Lesson Plans due by 6:00PM

Friday 2/12 Announcements this Week 2C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Valentine’s Card Exchange 2:00PM

Saturday 2/13 – NO SATURDAY SCHOOL

Monday 2/15 President’s Day – No School