Earth's Surface

Keely Seiter

Rocks vs. Minerals

Rocks - Solid material that forms part of Earth's surface

Minerals - Solid, natural mineral that forms on its own

The characteristics of a mineral are - 1.) Forms in nature 2.) Is a solid 3.) Has a definite chemical makeup 4.) Has a crystal structure

The characteristics of a rock are - 1.) Forms naturally 2.) Is a solid 3.) Made up of one or more types of minerals

15 Examples of rocks and Minerals in your House

Hematite - used for handles, hinges, mattress springs - in a bunk bed

Copper - used for wiring - in an alarm clock

Quartz - used in mirrors - in a closet

Sulfer - used in foam rubber - used in chairs

Pentlandite - used in springs - found in normal clock

Wolframite - used in lamp filament - used in table lamps

Apatite - found in teeth - used for dental care

Gold - found in teeth fillings - used for dental care

Chromite - used in dyes - found in towel

Silver - used in electronics - found in computers

Cinnabar - used in thermometers - found in ovens

Graphite - used in batteries - found in telephones

Muscoveite - used in books - found in cosmetics

Kaolinite - used in bricks - found in fireplaces

People use rocks and minerals everyday to make up things that we n.eed and use in our daily life